A superfood snack made from popped water lily seeds

Taali is a superfood snack made from popped water lily seeds. Taali's Water Lily Pops are a natural, high-protein, gluten free alternative to the fatty, highly processed snacks currently taking up space on grocery shelves. They have 67% less fat, 20% less calories and more plant protein than popcorn.

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Aarti Kochhar Kaji
Co-Founder taali
Hi Product Hunters, Taali is a guilt-free plant based snack made from popped water lily seeds. Our snacks are made from Non GMO, Natural and Gluten Free ingredients. Being an avid snacker myself, I realized most snacks we see today are very fatty, highly processed and made out of ingredients like potato, corn and wheat that everyone is trying to stay away from! It was time to change that! Popped water lily seeds is a Superfood we grew up eating as it is commonly eaten in homes in India. It has been used in the practice of Aayurveda since thousands of years due to its health benefits. They have a low glycemic index, are anti inflammatory and are high in anti-oxidants. We are excited to bring Taali to you in 5 awesome flavors! We hope you love it and will POP.EAT.REPEAT! Taali is a Hindi word that means 'High Five'. We want Taali to be a celebration of finding a snack that is better for you, tastes great and is worth sharing with your loved ones giving each other a high five. We would love to hear what you think and feel free to ask us any questions!
Will HuangFounder of Pengram (YC W19)
Tried it myself, highly recommended!!
Tried it and love it! Great product!
Hyun KimCo-founder & CEO, Superb AI
I love the Sriracha flavor! 🔥🔥
Aditya Kaji
Co Founder Taali
Thank you for the love! Taali is available through Amazon https://www.amazon.com/taali and we hope you all enjoy it. We have a 25% off coupon for all our Product Hunters PDHUNT25. Taali Water Lily Pops has 70% less fat, 20% less calories than popcorn and 6g plant protein per bag. We are available in 5 awesome flavors: Himalayan pink - The lightly salted classic with just 3 ingredients White Cheddar - the American favorite made with real cheese. Its a cheesy snack that does not leave you feeling heavy and fatty after eating it Tangy Turmeric - Finally a snack with your daily dose of turmeric that tastes great with a twist of tamarind and dry mango Sriracha Spice - The taste of sriracha made with natural ingredients. Has a kick and a great better for you replacement for spice lovers who love snacks like Flaming Hot Cheetos Tikka Masala - An exotic flavor made with all the ingredients that go into making the actual dish. Chicken tikka masala is everyones Indian favorite.
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