Free legal documents for startups

Draft any of 6 most commonly used contracts for startups in few minutes by answering simple questions. No registration required. We can personalize your documents for you by adding logo and some custom language upon registration. Used by YC companies.
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Hey, PH and thank you @katmanalac for helping us out! We are a team of founders and lawyers, who have built AXDRAFT, because we believe that sometimes founders don’t need 20-page ironclad contract, 2 weeks of negotiations and detailed explanation of all risks. On early stages you just want to have a good, balanced agreement fast to move the deal forward while it's hot. That’s what we try to solve with AXDRAFT. We spoke to about 100 founders and came up with a list of top-6 contracts startups use, including: (1) NDA; (2) Pilot agreement; (3) Services agreement; (4) SaaS agreement; (5) SAFE; and (6) Employee onboarding. We will be more than happy to add more upon your request. Here’s the highlight of AXDRAFT’s most liked features so far: - free, no registration required; - simple Q&A process to create a document; - plain English description of the implications; - document ready for signing in <10 minutes; - works on any device; - customize your documents with logos and company details. We’d be grateful if you could try it out and give us some feedback. We are happy to answer any questions! Yuriy
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One of the few legaltech startups, which has a working product under the hood and a business model. Go-go, Yura
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@dima_gadomsky1 Thank you so much for your kind feedback. We are doing the best we can, but only user feedback, like yours can help us grow and get better.
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Great work guys, we need more people like you guys in this world. One of the important things for online business is - privacy policy - website terms and conditions - cookies policy - GDPR policy Please bring them also. Otherwise great work.


Excellent initiative



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Thank you for the comment Sam! These documents are on top of our upcoming documents list.

The documents generated aren't legal quality. I generated some and asked our lawyer and he let us know there were many missing clauses and that they do not cover us.


Fast and "Free"


Not legally standing, this is the hidden cost

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Toni, thank you for your feedback. In fact, we get our documents from 3 sources now: (1) one of the top law firms in the Silicon Valley, (2) YC, (3) two unicorn tech companies. But, we will be very grateful if you send us your suggestions for documents improvement. We can add them in a few minutes and make our templates much better with your help!
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*shh let other people enjoy things meme*
Toni, thank you for sharing, but this is not completely accurate. The documents have been reviewed and vetted by lawyers, have been tested by many companies and contain all the necessary clauses. They are binding and cover all the essential matters. As I mentioned we offer good contracts fast, not 20-page ironclad enterprise agreements, which you negotiate for weeks. I hope this helps.
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This is on of the best tool for SMEs and citizens I encountered, although some well established companies in Ukraine also use it.
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@dima_foremnyi Thank you for the feedback! We started in Ukraine are now expanding in the US with the support of some top US law firms to help startups with legal documents. There are very few lawyers who know how to draft legal documents for startups and get the difference between the tech startup and a small business. We tried to compile the best practices and implement them into AXDRAFT.
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