Basement is a social app for your close friends.

Basement allows users to only add up to 20 friends on the network.
On Basement, there are no filters or influencers. The hope is that users share with the people they actually want to share with.
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11 Reviews2.9/5

I am not sure what friend groups are 100% iOS, not very useful until there is an Android app


Looks beautiful and a nice alternative to Facebook/Instagram for close friend groups


No Android app

agree. Even in our family we are mixed OS
Giving me Path vibes cc @davemorin @dtrinh
@davemorin @dtrinh @rrhoover Frankly, we're huge fans of what @davemorin and @dtrinh made! We're going after a bit of a more chat-like product experience, but I think Path really figured out the user need early.
It seems it’s not possible to enter phone number in international format when registering. Is this app for US only? 🤨
@unnamedteam @coolnerdcool Same here, tried from the UK and couldn't continue :'(
@unnamedteam Hey Ingvar! Sorry we don't have international numbers at the moment! This is without a doubt the most requested feature, and I promise I'll get it up soon :)
So many fake comments under this product, @jakecrump. Btw, does it help if I @ someone from PH Community team when I spot these?
@jakecrump @igoruphere honestly it neither look polished no beautiful yet, and too many fake users in comments for YC backed app
@jakecrump @igoruphere Hey Igor – Totally fair concern to have, but I can assure you we didn't ask for any fake comments. I'm only now getting around to commenting myself (sad I missed the original rush of the PH launch!) It would be pretty silly (and malicious) to ask like 2 people to post spammy comments on a PH thread.
Just found about basement on techcrunch >>