AirPods 2.0

Now with 50% more talk time, hands-free Siri, and more 🎧

Apple's new AirPods now come with more talk time, voice-activated Siri access — and a new wireless charging case.
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If only Siri wasn’t such a train wreck of a voice assistant.
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@frantzlight Not sure I agree. I use all three of the Big Three and Siri is holding its own for me.
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@andreasduess Well I use Alexa in the home and that doesn't have access to contacts, which is nice. But I use Siri daily to call a few people and every once in awhile it will hear a totally different name and dial that person instead. Lots of fun. The worst is when it correctly prints the right command on the screen then says something like "I don't know how to do that." Ask it again, it will print the same command then magically be able to complete the action. I can only imagine how frustrating the HomePod must be.
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@andreasduess @frantzlight I have the HomePod and it is great. Doesn't understand my 3yr old yet though, despite him shouting at it 😂
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@andreasduess @frantzlight "It’s a bit of a meme that Siri is shit and no progress has been made, but with actual data, the evidence paints a different picture. In the article above, Alexa, Cortana, Siri and Google Assistant were compared (in their smart speaker forms), with 800 questions each, in 2017 and again in 2018. Yes, in 2018, Google still reigns king, but let’s look at the data a little closer: Siri was second best smart assistant in 3/5 categories. And in Command skills, Siri took out the number one spot ahead of Google. The one category that Siri performed the worst in was Information at 66%, being 9 percentage points behind Cortana in third place. The most interesting part though is Siri saw the most growth in overall answer accuracy of all four assistants, jumping from 52% (2017) to 75% (2018). For comparison, Google’s increased from 81% (2017) to 88% (2018) accuracy. Early Siri was quite shit, and there were several years where it plateaued, and allowed other competitors to get out in front. Now, Siri is the second-best smart assistant out there, and is closing ground more quickly than any other." - Credit u/No1ARSoul on reddit.
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@andreasduess @julianbaker From my personal experience, I can go on a full on shopping adventure on Alexa at home without repeating myself but if I ask Siri to set a reminder to call someone, there's a 50/50 shot that it will just call that person right away. YMMV
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Once you go AirPods, it's hard to go back to wired headphones. This 2.0 release is iterative. The biggest update is the "Hey, Siri" hands-free commands. This is going to open up so many opportunities for creative makers and companies building on the platform (I invested in one of them). Over time, we should expect people to get more comfortable speaking to their AirPods as social norms change and people adopt new behavior patterns. We see this transition with every platform shift.
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@rrhoover they are really great, if you loose them you buy them back in a week. The "find my airpods" feature on the app was an "AHA moment" for me!
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@rrhoover Never leave home without them. Excited to see improved battery life! However, not sure about voice-activated platforms. I have 5 Alexa devices at home, arguably much more powerful than Siri. I have no scruples about talking to Alexa at home, but just haven't found the killer use case. What are you envisioning in this space Ryan?
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@rrhoover As one of the early adapters of the AirPods 1.0, I'm glad there's no new killer/must-have features in the 2.0 version, so I can save my money for something else ;)
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@rrhoover do you mind sharing the company that you invested in, if it's public?
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@goceli yes! It's TTYL (they're pre-launch).
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Cool if you don't have Gen 1, not really worth upgrading if you do.
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@xstex Totally agree, the only difference for me is wireless charging and the ability to talk to Siri without tapping your headphone. The rest is practically the same
Cool enough for you to buy it if you don't have one, but not cool enough for you to switch from your v1.
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@felipe_barreiros was definitely hoping for more of a "game changer." Ohhh well...

Did not match expectations


Wireless charging


Was expecting sound quality updates and the black color way. Hey Siri, is no longer a feature I care about.

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