Compliance and payments for remote teams

Deel simplifies compliance and payments at scale for companies working with contractors. From onboarding, localised contracts, doc requests from contractors as well as generation of tax forms and invoices.
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Thanks so much @benlng for hunting us - Hi, Ph community - We are so happy to introduce you to Deel. Deel helps freelancers get paid faster. The pay-as-you-go contracts streamline the workflow between freelancers and clients. The money is safely kept in deposit and released in smaller payments as agreed milestones are completed. We built Deel to help our fellow freelancers reduce the chances of dead beat clients. Fun fact- we are becoming popular with clients as well. Removing the need to pay a certain % upfront and aligning on specific KPIs or delivery time makes things fair for everyone. We can’t wait to hear what you guys think about Deel and how we can improve it to build a product you’ll love. The world is going freelance, and we want to empower the revolution by removing the emotional friction that comes with freelancing. PS: We just launched profiles - enabling people to start a contract directly with you in seconds and get to work!
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Great job Alex and team - Super simple and useful, love it! One of the best tools I have found for freelancers. Made a few contracts already and it's been super smooth. Congrats guys 🚀
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Congrats on the launch! We hired a couple of writers through Deel, it's been an awesome experience. Kudos to the team! 🚀
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@anna_x_wang thank you! We love having you as one of our early adopters!
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Simple, easy to use and really solves the payment issues. Will process all my freelancer work through Deel
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@yuriy_zaremba 🙏Thanks Yuriy! You rock
Love the service and will be using it. Thanks for the post.
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@yuliya_raquel Thanks Yuliya - can't wait for the feedback! 💪