Like Mailchimp for SMS

Postscript is like Mailchimp for SMS. It allows ecommerce companies to easily setup fully-compliant SMS & MMS marketing. Already live on Shopify & other platforms, Postscript works with thousands of ecommerce merchants, helping them increase sales. Merchants see very high engagement–averaging 95% open rates and 20% click-thru rates.

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@hustle @katmanalac @adamturnerla @cdturns @elizabethhunker Hey Elizabeth! Yeah-sorta! I would say it's Hustle for ecommerce companies, which means it can do lots of ecommerce specific stuff (abandoned carts, welcome series, product drops, etc).
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Hey Everyone, one of the makers of Postscript here along with @cdturns and @adamturnerla. Even though Postscript feels more like a b2b tool, it's really aimed at marketers and ecommerce folks (often makers themselves). Postscript helps them speak directly to their customers, sharing things like new products, shipping notifications, and even having 1:1 conversations–all via text message. The early results have been awesome, so we're exccited to share with the Product Hunt community. Looking forward to your comments and questions!
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The pain point for me with SMS services is the originating telephone number. I'd like to have a number of my choosing as the originating number; is this possible with your service? (It's not with the handful of services I've tried.)
@erinbilly Hi Erin, we actually use dedicated short codes to deliver our messages in order to increase deliverability and speed. Hope that helps!
Hi there, can this work in any ecommerce platform, or would this be specific for Shopify only?
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@zioneyemedia Hi there! Our deepest integration is currently with Shopify but we are working on a platform-agnostic solution as we speak 😃

I use PS for my VIP product drops. It’s brilliant. Also great customer service!


High ROI + easy to use platform!


Custom branded links would be a great feature.

Will this work for all countries??