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January 30th, 2019

12 must-have browser extensions
More Extensions!

“I'm a tab hoarder” - everyone, always.

Yesterday, a nifty new Chrome extension called Qlearly launched on Product Hunt to help you collect bookmarks for different projects and categories. It's sort of like Trello for managing your tabs, and the community was preeeetty excited about it:

I use Qlearly every day to save podcasts and free design resources for interfacer. It has defs made my life easy.” - Ben

“Works like a Kanban board so it's super easy to use” - Cathleen

“Once you go Qlearly, you never go back 😆 (true story)” - Eduardo

This made us wonder what other browser extensions are currently loved by the masses, so we posed a simple question on Twitter: “What are your fav browser extensions?”

Some recommendations:

Lolli lets you earn bitcoin when you shop on the internet 🛍

Loom helps you create videos in a snap using screen, mic, and camera recording for Chrome. 📹

Video Speed Controller does what it sounds like...speeds up any video in your browser. 📼

Honey scours the web for the best coupon codes before you buy something online 🤑

Pocket (acquired by Mozilla) lets you bookmark interesting articles to read later 📚

Vookmark is like Pocket but for videos — it lets you bookmark videos to watch later 👀

Grammarly will fix you’re tyops and grammer ✅

FYI works like magic to help you find your documents (and was a runner up for this year's Life Hack Golden Kitty Award) ✨

Ghostery was upvoted by 1.3K people and makes internet browsing faster 👻

Snoopie uncovers what's tracking you around the web 🔎

PixelBlock blocks email trackers for you 💌

Aaaand keep your eyes out for a new browser extension from yours truly 😼


"Based on using an earlier prototype that I've already felt was ready for the market, I've no doubt this will be a solid buy."

Yesterday, a Kickstarter project was featured on Product Hunt to bring a minimal, versatile, handheld tripod called SwitchPod to market. Its sleeek design makes it a solid alternative for vloggers — it's going to be a game-changer.

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