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Chrome's inbuilt spellchecker is good, but sometimes it doesn't cut the mustard. This Chrome extension also checks for context, grammar and punctuation issues, and has a thesaurus and dictionary to boot.
@riaface @AnujAdhiya +1 for Hemingwayapp.com
JFYI that the main link being used is legacy and there's a newer flow here: https://free.grammarly.com/ (in case you all want to check that out). The older page will be sunset soon. Thanks, Ria, for the post!
I love Grammarly. The Pro version is a tad pricey, but it works. It's one big, big drawback is that it doesn't work in Google Docs (at least last time I checked).
This is a brilliant way to get people into their funnel. On the free text checker on their website Grammarly uses the format developed by SEO firms to inform you of errors without telling you exactly what they are—unless you sign up! Getting the benefit directly in the browser provides better UX. This way, you just get the upsell when you click on "open grammarly," which probably provides better conversion rates.
@riaface Thanks for mentioning Grammarly! The better link to use to get the Chrome extension is https://www.grammarly.com/ Could you update the link in the original post? @everyone - I'm a co-founder and head of growth at Grammarly and will be happy to answer questions or provide comments.
@riaface @everyone @max_lytvyn Max, greatest thing since sliced bread! And, yes, I realize I am missing the article for effect!
@riaface @everyone @akosner Thanks! We are working hard on improving performance, accuracy and compatibility. API is in the works as well. Stay tuned.
@riaface @everyone @max_lytvyn Do you provide an extension settings page, to allow the user to control which extensions Grammarly js-injects into? FWIW, it can break other extensions.
@osakasaul Yes, this is on a ToDo list. We currently provide a way to disable it for certain sites and automatically disable it for certain conflicting extensions, but will allow more control in the future.
@max_lytvyn RiteTag. Kindly stop injecting into this: https://chrome.google.com/websto... Thanks much, and feel most welcome to say hi - saul@ritetag.com