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#5 Product of the DayAugust 22, 2018

Lolli is a browser extension that let’s you earn bitcoin when you shop online at 500+ top online stores. Lolli is on a mission to make bitcoin accessible to all by making it simple for everyone to earn and own bitcoin.

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  • Kelsey HunterFounder & CEO

    Super accessible


    Gotta spend money to make money

    Alex is a fantastic entrepreneur, cares tons about the people he's building for, and has made a product that makes bitcoin accessible to the unrelenting market of everyone who loves a deal. 10/10, big fan.

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  • Kunal

    A natural way to get more people exposed to and using crypto. The team has unique insight into building delightful commerce experiences.



    Alex's focus on building fun and easy to use products, combined with his passion for inviting and educating the next wave of crypto users is exciting.

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John Fiorentino@johnnyfio · @goodonestv /
This passes the grandmother/child test. My grandmother and little cousin both got excited and asked to sign up when I showed them. This is brilliant and exactly what the crypto world needs.
Matt SenterMakerHiring@matt_senter
@johnnyfio Love to hear this!!
Alex AdelmanMakerPro@alexadelman · Founder, Lolli 🍭
@johnnyfio Thanks, John! I'd like to see a show where you introduce your grandmother and cousin to new products and gauge their reaction. Grandmother/child test is so good.
Eurie Kim@eurie_kim
@johnnyfio This is exactly the accessibility and fun that we're looking to inspire with a broader audience! Go hip Grannie!
Brent ChowHiring@hellobrent · Co-Founder at SVRF
Wow, I'm amazed by the number of major retailers that partnered with them for their launch! Macy's, Walmart, Forever 21, Bonobos, Everlane,,, etc etc etc! Signing up all those companies pre-launch is very impressive. Also love the branding! 🍭
Matt SenterMakerHiring@matt_senter
@hellobrent That would be the work of Alex and the amazing Shana Jordan.
Alex AdelmanMakerPro@alexadelman · Founder, Lolli 🍭
@hellobrent @matt_senter thank you! 🙏🙏🙏
Nick AbouzeidHunterHiring@nickabouzeid · Words at Product Hunt ✌️
Cool. Automatic-saving apps have exploded in popularity (look at Earny, Purse, etc.) – exciting to see it cross into crypto.
Alex AdelmanMakerPro@alexadelman · Founder, Lolli 🍭
@nickabouzeid Thanks, Nick!
Matt SenterMakerHiring@matt_senter
@nickabouzeid We're excited too, thanks!
Zack Shapiro@zackshapiro · Director of Engineering at BUMP (YC W18)
This is a great way to get more people into crytpo in a safe, familiar way to what they currently do. Nice work!
Matt SenterMakerHiring@matt_senter
@zackshapiro Thanks, Zack!
Alex AdelmanMakerPro@alexadelman · Founder, Lolli 🍭
@zackshapiro thanks, Zack! Means a lot. :)
Julia Adelman@julia_adelman · Account Executive
I was always nervous to jump into the crypto-world without an extensive understanding. Lolli makes it so easy, plus no-risk! So excited to finally get some Bitcoin : )
Matt SenterMakerHiring@matt_senter
@julia_adelman But you're not biased! :) Thanks, Julia!
Alex AdelmanMakerPro@alexadelman · Founder, Lolli 🍭
@julia_adelman thank youuuuuu!! :)