Pocket for videos. Bookmark interesting videos on the web.

Vookmark allows you to bookmark interesting videos on Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Facebook or Reddit and bookmark them easily. Watch later any time on any device.

PRO Features - $10 / year

- Add tags to organise videos

- Advanced search

- Zapier Integration

- Ad-free experience

Available on iOS, Android, Web, Apple TV, browser extensions

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Thanks for the hunt Kevin :) We are excited to ship Vookmark. Stumbled upon an awesome video and cannot watch it immediately? Vookmark allows you to bookmark videos across the web with a single tap and watch it later on your Apple TV, iPhone or Android devices (Custom iPad app coming soon) No more copy pasting links in your notes app or remembering keywords to search the video later. Even Save link or Watch it later options on sites require multiple taps to save or retrieve the videos when you are ready to watch them. With Vookmark you can bookmark videos with a single tap using our browser extensions for Safari or Chrome. The currently supported sites where you can vookmark videos easily are Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and Reddit. Lookout for the Vookmark Button or Icon next to the video title. Vookmark is easy Video Bookmarking. Enjoy the Videos! :) More details on https://vookmark.co
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Why wouldn't I simply use Pocket?
@vicky_buddie 1. Since pocket marks the entire article which may also contain the video at the end - i have to scroll through the entire thing to get access to the video 2. I might be only interested in watching a video which i stumbled upon in my social feed or on any of the sites Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Reddit 3. I might be scrolling through a feed (example faceebok) and one tap bookmark something i find interesting to watch later, while scrolling the feed 4 times 4. I can even view the videos on Apple TV (and Android TV coming soon) apart from mobile devices 5. I can vookmark directly from a listing of titles (example reddit videos) everything that I find interesting without actually going into the page. Someone can still use pocket and it would work just fine. I think if the intent is watching videos and quick access to it, vookmark works better.
Super simple! Love the idea. :)
I really like the idea - this is what I have missed when using Pocket. Please add support for Realm videos (e.g. https://realm.io/news/tryswift-f...).
thanks @steffendsommer - will look into realm as well