Insense Stories Video Editor

Edit any video to fit Instagram/Snapchat stories for free

#3 Product of the WeekJanuary 30, 2019

Stories Video Editor is a simple tool to help you optimize your video for social stores.

  • Ivan Tulinov
    Ivan TulinovContent Director, Publicis Media Russia

    As simple as it could be for instant (conceptual) value!


    UX could be better on a mobile device )

    Hope to see templates, UI elements like chat overlays, eye-catching transition effects (e.g. execution), as well as an opportunity to sync two & more landscape videos in one vertical on the go!

    Ivan Tulinov has used this product for one day.
  • Bulat Lambaev
    Bulat Lambaevdata analyst, facebook ads pro

    Simple, easy-to-use, direct import to facebook ads manager


    More templates

    I would recommend this tool to my clients.

    Bulat Lambaev has used this product for one day.
Hi all! Have you tried uploading a longer or landscape format video to IG or Snap stories? Then you feel our pain. We got tired of videos being cut off and cropped awkwardly, so we created a super simple tool to fit or crop your videos to the exact right dimensions. Plus, you can send your newly edited video to Facebook Ads manager to run official ads with just one click. We build this tool for our personal use, but want to share it with the community. So it's free: no watermarks, no trials, just free!
Really easy to use and time saving! simple & easy peasy lemon squeezy 🍋
@mendorshikh great tagline for our landing page! Уasy peasy lemon squeezy - will keep it that way ;)
i like video editing. very good product! keep it up!
@zhouchen_tang thank you! Please let us know if you have any insights on how we can make the editor better.
This is really cool. It would be nice to see a video exporting option. And as a feedback, instead of clicking position buttons one by one, moving video with the mouse by simply dragging will be a better experience.
@ozgrozer good point! We've already formed a task for that. +1 on our backlog.
Just played around with this... I'm a video content creator for youtube... I will typically take a video that I make for youtube and create a teaser video for IG. A few things I'm loving about what you've done. 1. I can easily take a teaser clip i've made (typically landscape), and add a background color or the Blur effect.. which is awesome! 2. Its pretty easy to trim the video length A few things I'd love to see: 1. If my clip is over 15 seconds etc... have the ability to auto split it into multiple stories 2. Export option (would be fine if I export that it had a overlay created in Insense 3. Drag positioning of the clip vs the position function you have now. FYI was not able to connect to facebook authorization on chrome/macbookpro - popup window just hung and never loaded. Great little tool.
@unclejessy4real thank you, Clayton. Auto split and export are already on the list for the v2.0. Position dragging is a new one for us. Thanks for the insight! Please feel free to check out our core product - content creation and amplification platform for brands and creators like yourself: