Video Speed Controller

Control the speed of videos on any website with hotkeys 🎬

Many websites don't allow you to adjust the speed of the videos. Now you can :) Watch the demo:

What Can You Do With This Extension?

- Speed Up Advertisements

- Learn Faster While Watching Tutorials

- Experience Long Videos Quicker And Save Time

- Slow Down Fast Action Sequences

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Hey everyone! As Alexander pointed out, I think you would find the ability to speed up advertisements the most useful. I especially like to use it on Facebook platform for 2 reasons: 1) Facebook started showing in-video ads :( (boo!) 2) When your friend sends you a long video on messenger/facebook, now you can go through it more quickly and give a genuine reply. Hope you will try my tool and see it in action for yourself!
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@albert_arshakyan :) glad you liked it
Speed Up Advertisements is the most useful feature here πŸ‘πŸ˜
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@bitrewards Glad you like it bro! Should add a 4x feature :D :D
LOVED IT! i mean its frustrating when watching a mr bean video on facebook and youre having a good laugh and all of the sudden a long stupid ad pops up and kills the mood lol! i really think that the ad speeding thing is a brilliant idea (Y)
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@tahboub96 Thanks Khaled, hope you enjoy it :)
How is this different from Video Speed Controller by igrigorik?
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