What is a great tool that you use daily/weekly?

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Can be an app, website, browser extension, etc Ideally it's not something obvious like Spotify or Slack


Shannon Maloney
Hey @internet_johnny 👋 SoapBox I use SoapBox to manage all of my team meetings and one-on-ones (which are typically once a day). It helps me stay on top of my meetings, my team and saves me from the never-ending Google doc dance 💃
@shannon_maloney you should have clarified that you're not unbiased. thanks for the recommendation anyway
Oliver Anderson
Emm.... Telegram. Every morning i wakeup and send a message for my deary girlfriend: "Good morning my little".
@oliver_anderson My little what? don't keep us hanging!
@envisionwithj Notion is amazing. I have also heard about Tandem but didnt get the chance to try it yet. Wasn't familiar with Sunsama or Polymail, but will check those out, thanks!
Radhika Mohan Singh Roy
www.engagebay.com for simple, powerful marketing, sales & support automation with a free CRM.
Paroma Indilo
1) Telegram - a-mazing for communication 2) Slack for working in groups and disucssing tasks 3) Trello for organising tasks
Kirpal Demian
I use Workona every day. As someone with more than a lot of tabs open all the time, it's crucial in helping me stay organized and working efficiently. Thanks @workonahq 👍🏻
@workonahq @kirpal just started using Workona and it is amazing. Similar to Toby, but I prefer Workona. Thanks for the recommendation!
Keith Barney
"Clean" auto runs and keeps my desktop minimal and organized.
@keith_barney1 do you have a link? never heard of it
Mike Fedorov
Asana / Trello? :)
I use Centcount Analytics to monitor my website's traffics every day.
Richard Goodwin
Yoink by @eternalstorms, Typinator, recently Polypane, and of course VSCode for every bit of text I gather up.
Since we're going for not-obvious, I gotta say Lightshot, it's a screen capture tool and it's perfect for reviewing webpages and giving feedback, because you don't waste time describing what the problem looks like, you can just show and point to it. Honestly, when writing MightyForms tutorials, I used it for practically every step.
Zenkit, open everyday on my desktop !
Rostane Gribi
Zenkit is a pinned tab on my browser !
We-Empower Inc.
We too use Zenkit with our NGO, great tool.
Amy Z.
Hi, I would say Zenkit for its simplicity.