Form builder with lead generation and workflow automation

MightyForms is a powerful form builder with a flexible and easy-to-use interface to create online forms from scratch, from a PDF form, or a template. Features like Real-time data capture and PDF filling help improve workflow automation and lead capturing.
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Hello everyone! 👋 I’m very excited to be posting a project for the very first time here on Product Hunt: MightyForms, a more powerful online form builder for powerful brands.🚀 We spent a long time trying out other form builders to create forms for other ventures but found ourselves continuously frustrated either with the lack of flexibility or the lack of features. So we rolled up our sleeves and set to work on our very own. 💪 MightyForms has a flexible drag-and-drop field editor, you can alter the space between grids and customize each field and element so that it truly represents your brand. But MightyForms isn’t about just replacing paper forms for digital forms - we’re about creating online, lead capturing forms that automate processes and help a business grow successfully. That means you can automate documents by creating online PDF filling forms from existing PDFs, generate multiple and customized notifications with our autoresponder and keep track of every single lead, even if they abandon the form, with the Real-time data capture (coming soon!). And we’re only just getting started. We have a roadmap but we want this form builder to be for you, so share with us what you want adding! Thanks again to @chrismessina for hunting this product. :)
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@porthas MightyForms looks great! Grab my upvote :) How about an interview about MF published at StartupRadius? We can distribute it to 85,000 entrepreneurs, marketers.
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@paul_shuteyev Yeah I would love to, PM me on Twitter @p0rthas
@porthas here's my email paul@startupradius.com, easier way to communicate and send you all the details
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Hey! This really cool stuff! In few minutes I created cool form for my website. Recommend!
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Amazing product! I found you guys on Indiehacker and took the platform for a spin. I was not disappointed!!! I can't wait to see you guys take over! Seriously. Goodluck
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@ogunwande Thank you for your support, Oluwatobi!
Love the tag manager integration 🔥
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@lachlankirkwood Thanks, Lachlan! We will make a few articles on the best use of it, too!
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Great! The forms are easy to create and to make specific for your work needs.
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