What is your favorite podcast app?

João Gonçalves
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Pocket Casts
Google Podcasts


Personally I've been using Pocket Casts for a long time, but I want to know other people's opinions for an article I'm writing.
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Hey, what about Apple Podcast? Or is it a bad taste?)
@zavhoz Oops, I knew I was missing one relevant option
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@internet_johnny No worries, hope that everyone got it :)
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I like overcast
+1 to Apple podcast :)
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Digging Spotify. Don't have to go elsewhere to get my audio. Then if I want to switch back to music its just easier.
@michael_joseph_aubry The interface makes a big difference to me. Pocket Casts excels at the user experience and how you navigate episodes, sorting options, etc
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I am also a Pocket Casts user, but I was a huge Overcast lover before. I subscribed for a while, but fell off podcasts for a bit and cut back the subscription. Still a big fan! I want to mention Breaker. Where these other podcast apps are excellent user experiences, they just don't tackle discovery well. Despite Breaker's discovery features being the best, the UX just isn't there yet. It's a little buggy, slow, and doesn't have the power user features that I really enjoy.
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@alexdevero It looks pretty good. That being said, it only supports macOS/Windows/linux and I think most time I'm listening is on the go on my phone - gym, doing chores, walking around outside. Thanks for sharing anyway :)
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@internet_johnny Hmm. Maybe I will create version for iPhone as well :).