An app to make your 1:1 and Team Meetings more productive

SoapBox is an app for one-on-ones and team meetings. Build agendas, take notes, assign next steps and more in one place. Integrations with Slack, Microsoft Teams and Google make it so you never have to leave the tools you love to have more productive meetings.

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Thanks @robjama! Appreciate all the work you do for this community. πŸ™ We initially launched GoodTalk on producthunt a few months ago and we were blown away at the reaction from the community. Our little slack bot took off. I've posted more about why we've built it here: Since then, we've been hard at work and are excited to announce a few big changes that have happened because of feedback this community: - Group/Team Meetings: The #1 requested feature is here and we're really proud of how it works. Check it out with your team, I think you'll love it. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦β€πŸ‘¦ - "Just Give us Checkboxes": We heard you, and gave you checkboxes to mark things as done. But we added some sparkle while we were there ✨ πŸ’« BUT that's not all. We've also built some really awesome native apps to go with the bot experience. If you're out, on the go, or running late we've got a first class experience for you. We're giving producthunters the first peak at our native apps and we'd love your feedback: - iOS: - Android: Note: you'll need to have the slack bot installed in order for the apps to work well. Start here: Thanks again everyone for all of the support and feedback. We'll be here answering questions today!
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Congrats on the launch @i_am_brennan and team!! Love the attention to small things like birthday and work anniversary reminders. Any plans for adding reports on feedback over time?
@mhashim Yep! We've started to plan out what a good set of reports would look like for managers of teams and at the organizational level.
The annual review is dead. Most companies fail time and time again with preparing for 1:1s, they are not consistent and they just kinda suck at it. I love what @i_am_brennan and team have done to change that. Congrats and keep up the good work.
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.@craig_morantz @i_am_brennan Totally agree! Addressing things once a year doesn't work. Thank you for your support!!
Establishing a cadence and commitment to high quality 1-on-1s is super important as you scale. Looking forward to taking advantage of GoodTalk 2.0 to take things to the next level!
@pteshima Ditto! army.
Small world, was just looking for this.
@sol_orwell Awesome! Let us know any feedback you have (or email me brennan at Would love ot hear it.
My predecessor didn't have 1-on-1's with the team, and I'm looking to change that soon. I think this will be a great help. Just added GoodTalk to our Slack team, and its great already. Since I haven't held 1-on-1's with those under me before, I had a general idea of where to start, but nothing concrete. The suggested questions/agenda items by the GoodTalk bot were perfect!
@barnabybones that's great to hear! We look forward to hearing more about your experience over the coming weeks.
@barnabybones Hey Jeremy! Glad to hear you liked them. It's something we've worked quite a bit on! Would love to keep getting your feedback as you explore and use the tool! Please message us on intercom on the web ( or email me directly (brennan at