What do you do to stand out and get the job?

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I recently built a custom website purposely, as a cover letter, in order to get a frontend job I really wanted. You can check out the template I made here: https://accurate-duck.surge.sh/ What do you do to stand out and be more than "just another candidate"?


Mandy Fong
Similar to what you've done! Working on side projects like app development. I think it's great to have a blog to showcase your personality as well as show off what you've done. It gives you a platform to describe and explain the story behind you and your work. Also, other extracurriculars, Some people think that a software developer's resume should be all projects, really highlighting you have the skills. But most applicants have that. Show that you're more than just a coder, that you have hobbies beyond skills you need at a job. I try to be someone you'd find interesting and further convey that in person. EDIT: Looked through your website, and it's a fantastic way to stand out! 👍 @internet_johnny
Alex Devero
@internet_johnny @mdyfong Agree with you Mandy, side projects and blog are both very good ways to show your experience. Blog is also a very good way to learn new things - you want to learn something -> you learn it and then you teach it by writing a tutorial on that topic. Blog can be also very good for content marketing and branding. You can write about your projects and your work.
@mdyfong Thanks so much for the feedback. I agree with every point you made. Sometimes it takes that extra moment of reflection and planning, in order to realize that you dont need to stick with the default model for engaging with a potential employer, you can do whatever you want, as long as it helps you showcase your value
@mdyfong @alexdevero this. Also, I just want to point out, for everyone who might be thinking of doing this, you don't need to reinvent the wheel. The reason why I love Medium so much is that it is super simple to setup and get your own page/publication up and running. You can focus 100% of your time and effort on the writing and not waste time with getting a custom blog made. Not that it is a bad thing to have a custom blog, I have just seen and heard of so many projects that die before they began, because you get so wrapped up in details that dont matter that much. If you want to write, and there is a platform that will allow you to do that instantly without any extra effort, go for it.
Alex Devero
@mdyfong @internet_johnny Sometimes it is better to reinvent the wheel sometimes it is not. It depends. The upside of Medium is that it provides platform. The downside is that you don't own it. You have only limited control. I would recommend starting a personal, custom blog, rather than Medium, or Linkedin. Your blog gives you full control over everything. You own your content and you can decide what you do with it, or with the whole platform. Also, you can always repost your content on other platforms.
A few things I always advise are (1) try to build connections within the company through communities you share in common or networking events (2) obsessively research the company and the team and the hiring manager (3) tailor your CV and cover letter to the specific role so you seem perfectly matched.