Wisembly Jam

A powerful meeting app to improve team collaboration

Wisembly Jam is a powerful meeting app to improve team collaboration. 💪

Fewer meetings, better meetings to help you speed up projects delivery, engage your team and spend more time on what really matters.

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Hello Hunters, I am very proud to show you the product we have been working on for several months with the feedback of thousands of beta testers (thank you guys 🙏). Wisembly Jam is an easy to use meeting app that allows you and your team to: - collectively prepare your meetings - make sure decisions and actions are taken - automate minutes and smart follow-ups through your meetings and projects Companies have to rethink their operating system (management, organization, 🏛️, ...), we believe 2 things: 1° How people collaborate defines how a company is operating 2° Meetings are the cornerstone of collaboration That's why we built Wisembly Jam, a powerful meeting app to improve team collaboration. Give it a try : import your meetings from your calendar app, take collective notes and decisions, assign tasks, brainstorm with sticky notes, engage your participants with live polls or Q&A sessions... Let us know what you think of it!
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@romaind Shiny shiny shiny! ✨🙌✨ Keep up the good work! ;)
@cnivolle 😎 thk's ;)

It's great to have a tool which bring a framework helping everyone to be more productive during a meeting. The use of the tool encourages me to note and share actions and decisions after a meeting.


Simple, compatible with google calendar, help us to be more productive during meetings


in competition with more used tools like calendar, emails,...

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Jam will change my daily work! Thanks!


Easy to use, by everyone! Try it!


will be improved by users

Thank you very much. Glad to hear it helps your team

I use Jam for 1 month, awesome tool connected with my Gmail through Zapier! Each task assigned to me automatically generates a notification with all the details I need. Keep up the good work!


Simple, great onboarding, easy to use, complementary, must have for effective meetings


UX improvement, managing features

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I use Google tasks for that. Let me know if I can help!

If you run more than a few meetings a week, you definitely should try it!


Simple to use, easy to integrate.


So far, none imho

Thank you very much Yann and happy you like it so far!