You need an app to solve a problem. Where do you find it?

João Gonçalves
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Share your best sources of discovery.
App Store/ Playstore/ Microsoft store
I google it and read articles
I ask a techy friend of mine
Other (comment below)


My purpose with this poll is to understand where people go to find the solutions they use. I'm trying to find the pain points for power users, because I've personally felt like app stores show you endless choices. On the other hand, reading reviews online is time consuming, and it seems unrealistic that there are "10 best notetaking apps in 2019". I'm building a resource that I hope will be useful for people sharing this sentiment.
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Is there a type of problem you are thinking about? I think I would go to different sources depending on the nature of the problem.
@abadesi yeah, I understand I lay it out in a general way, but it could really be anything. A service that integrates with your website, an app that helps you manage your day/tasks, a browser extension that helps you increase your productivity and avoid getting sucked into distractions. Anything at all :)
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Keywords in AppStore almost helps me to find exactly what I need
@zavhoz still, a keyword will only find you the kinds of apps you want. Then you just download the most popular one and hope it is the best for your specific problem?
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@internet_johnny Well I usually look at the result's list and look for the apps that suits me
I guess the thing with users is you might not start out looking for an app specifically, you're just looking for ways to solve your problem... It might be a different approach, or doing something differently with what you already have. Occasionally it's an app that happens to be suitable, where discovery is often backed by context, eg. a well written article.
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Search engine (not Google, as it mines our data) and then would look in the App Store
@paroma true, I use duckduckgo personally. But I am building a website to serve as a repository of apps recommendations - and respective articles on Medium to justify why they are the best choice
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ProductHunt ! No Seriously , i come here all the time to find app for my problem.
@shakks I have found some of the best things here too! Especially using Top Products by @mert_batmazoglu
Probably producthunt or the app store
Community/Social @ Product Hunt
Most of the time I google the issue or keywords of a potential solution to the issue, and then check the comments of reddit posts and products featured on product hunt, for potential apps.