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#1 Product of the DayAugust 11, 2018

Workona is a better way to work in Chrome

We all work in the browser, but it was never built for work. We’re proud to be taking Workona out of beta this week to address the problem and we hope you enjoy the product!

If you want to keep Product Hunt or another extension on your new tab instead of Workona, visit:

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  • Seth Hawkins
    Seth HawkinsContent Marketing Manager, Vivint

    Managing a ton of tabs, fast tab switching, easy organization


    None so far

    I've been using Workona for about a week and it has already transformed by work process. My web browser is jam packed with tabs and keeping them organized is a constant challenge. Rather than try to reduce my tab load or force me to save and come back later, Workona understands I need these tabs open and makes it easy to group tabs together. The workspace concept makes perfect sense and it's easy to arrange tabs into meaningful workspaces. Switching between workspaces is surprisingly fast and simple. This is a must-have browser extension.

    Seth Hawkins has used this product for one week.
  • Anthony Morelli
    Anthony MorelliProduct Manager, Lucid Software

    Managing tabs, quickly opening tabs for a certain context, dealing with "I might want to look at this later" guilt when closing things


    Doesn't sync with mobile Chrome

    Workona has helped me tame the tab explosion that comes from working in web apps all day. I set up workspaces related to projects or responsibilities, so I can pull up an entire set of related tabs at once. This lets me have all my tabs of notes, related material, project plans, etc. at hand without having to dig through Google Drive and Confluence. It's even better when I'm running from meeting to meeting and need to switch from one set of related material to another.

    Anthony Morelli has used this product for one year.
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Amrith Shanbhag
Amrith Shanbhag@amrith · Community + Social at Product Hunt
Thanks for sharing @trtm 🙌 Out of all the tab managers I've experimented with, I'm really liking this one just an hour after using it 🚀 On average, in one hour I'd probably have like 5 windows with ~10 tabs on each but I've only been on one window for now 😬 Great job @qamorgan & @alma_madsen 👏 Would love to know what's in store for Workona :)
Quinn Morgan
Quinn MorganMakerHiring@qamorgan · Cofounder & CEO, Workona
What a nice review @amrith! Great to hear we’ve helped you clear your desk and focus on what you’re doing. We’re building the OS for work on the web, and workspaces are just the start. Workspaces will become more powerful and smarter in the next few months. We aren’t ready to talk about everything we want to do long-term just yet, but we think you’ll enjoy what we have in store.
I am absolutely in love with this service 🙂, for years I had issues finding my precious tabs from previous sessions again, and often I ended up being doing double the work, as I had to spend time finding my research again plus organizing everything as well. Workana has figured out a solution, and I can highly recommend this for researchers, designers and everyone else who works with a lot of things at once. Great work and congrats to @workana with the launch. It’s good to see that there are born great software and service teams even tho others die, like the beloved email service Newton.
Alma Madsen
Alma MadsenMakerHiring@alma_madsen · Cofounder & CTO, Workona
Thanks for the glowing recommendation, @produkhelt! We’re super passionate about quality products and have put a lot into getting Workona where it is today - we hope it shows. And this is just the beginning. 😉
Frizky@frizurd · indie
Awesome! I've been using it for the last couple of days! It's really good, good job @qamorgan & @alma_madsen! Could you please let us customize the home screen (custom wallpaper or bg color)? And maybe make the user able to change the location of the search bar.
Alma Madsen
Alma MadsenMakerHiring@alma_madsen · Cofounder & CTO, Workona
Thanks @frizurd, glad you’re enjoying it! We have a bunch of configuration options in the pipeline for the new tab.
Alexander Smekhov
Alexander Smekhov@asmekhov · Managing Director
It seems very useful tool for managment of numerous online documents
Quinn Morgan
Quinn MorganMakerHiring@qamorgan · Cofounder & CEO, Workona
Thanks @bitrewards! Having all of your documents scattered across various cloud apps can make work far more difficult than it needs to be. Workona gives you a simple, yet flexible system to manage all of the projects, meetings, and workflows that make up your job in one place. Rather than organizing documents with nested categories like most file systems, we help you organize documents by what you’re doing. This means you always have easy access to everything you need for the project as you work, and it makes it much simpler to share project resources with collaborators.
Ilia Z
Ilia Z@ilia_z · Oh, well...
Really like this one. Previously I tried another extension with a similar concept called Toby, but didn't use it for long. What I like about Workona is the ability to switch between workspaces while still keeping tabs of an inactive workspace opened but hidden, that way, for example, you can keep listening to a video in another workspace. Great job!
Quinn Morgan
Quinn MorganMakerHiring@qamorgan · Cofounder & CEO, Workona
Thanks @iliaz! Pro tip: You can also pin tabs to make them available within every workspace you open within that window. For example, you might keep Gmail and Spotify pinned so you always have easy access no matter what workspace you're in.
Ivan Cucer
Ivan Cucer@ivancucer · UI/UX, Mobile, Web, Motion Designer
@iliaz @qamorgan good to know ❤️