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Password managers are designed to help you securely store and manage your login information across multiple accounts and platforms. You're not alone...the increasing number of online accounts and services, it's become challenging for everyone to remember a million different passw
Snowflake O'Reilly Report
Snowflake O'Reilly Report
Design a Modern Application Data Stack
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Cloaked is a people-first privacy app that generates virtual identities to protect your personal data. No one should have to choose between staying connected and personal privacy — with Cloaked, you can try new products, travel, shop, and even meet new people while staying in control of your data. Unique and unlimited phone numbers, passwords, and payments set us apart from other privacy tools and password managers. Go ahead and give them your (Cloaked) info — and say goodbye to spam forever.
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TransferChain utilizes a client-side end-to-end encrypted 🔐 distributed cloud ☁️ with blockchain authorization ⛓ and zero-knowledge protocols – providing the world’s most Private & Secure file sharing and storage. No one can access your files besides the intended recipients.
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Uniqkey automates employee logins and empowers IT with full SaaS visibility and centralized access management to make businesses more secure and productive.
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SyFly is an all-in-one digital security solution which enables you to manage passwords, files, and notes. It offers unbeatable security through Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), military-grade encryption, and the unique "Backup Person".
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Bitwarden is a free and open source password management solution for individuals, teams, and business organizations. The easiest and safest way for individuals and businesses to store, share, and secure sensitive data on any device.
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Smart Tools AI offers a range of AI-powered tools designed to streamline business workflows. These tools cover various categories, including web development, online calculators, password management, PDF conversion, image conversion, binary conversion, text analysis, keyword research, unit conversion, and other essential functions.
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Passwords are the bane of app security. With a few lines of code and no bloat, Magic lets you build apps with blazing-fast, customizable, passwordless login - with future-proof crypto and identity tech under the hood.
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Passport Auto-fill simplifies travel bookings for families, groups and secret agents - autofilling passports, passport expiry dates, citizenship, phone numbers and email addresses - while keeping your data safe
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4 reviews is a truly Passwordless Password Manager that uses AI's visual memory and Augmented Reality secrets to log you in by turning vivid memories into master passwords (Master Key). Turn anything you see into a Master Key, privately and securely.
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1LimX is an offline cross-platform application aimed to to provide a data manager such as files, images, passwords, credentials, notes,.. And they are secured by your master password, master key, biometric and ChaCha20-Poly1305 encryption all offline.
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