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Hiring software, also known as applicant tracking systems (ATS) or recruitment software, is like your digital HR assistant, streamlining and automating the hiring process to help you find the best candidates for your job openings. These software solutions offer a range of featur
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A marketplace that matches startups with the top 1% of software engineering talent. Remotebase software engineers are thoroughly vetted and are available to hire immediately, at a fixed monthly cost. Engineers are matched with companies within 24 hours.
Rukhsar Amjad
Kshitij Mishra
Phil Mishanin
Rukhsar Amjad and 238 others use Remotebase
88 reviews
Connect with future unicorns on Pangea. Founders are looking for fractional marketers and designers. Set your own rate & hours on your free shareable profile. Find work, on your terms, commission-free.
Rob Slate
Adam Alpert
Ehab James
Rob Slate and 143 others use Pangea
69 reviews
Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple tools and platforms and hello to an all-in-one hiring platform. Embark on a seamless hiring journey with HireQuotient. Source, screen, and interview candidates - all in one place, with ease.
Vikas Jha
Emilia Vicini
Phil Mishanin
Vikas Jha and 85 others use HireQuotient
30 reviews
Hiring remote developers is hard. There are legal issues, finding great talent, benefits, global payroll, and much more. You pick the developer you like, we take care of all those problems, and they join your team directly.
Markus Sigel
Ghost Kitty
Timothy Campbell
Markus Sigel and 50 others use Micro1
27 reviews
The first ever way for you to access a remote tech talent platform to combine vetting, testing, interviewing, curation and ongoing managed service to guarantee quality so you can launch your product quickly and effectively.
Irina Shashkina
Larry Novsky
Denis  Smetnev
Irina Shashkina and 45 others use Skipp
Token Talent
27 reviews
Token Talent: A Web 3.0-driven HR platform seamlessly streamlining processes for mid-sized companies. Elevate efficiency and empower your workforce.
Carmelo White
Frances Reyes
Zubair Ayaz Asim
Carmelo White and 50 others use Token Talent
23 reviews
FirstHR is an HR platform, focused on hiring and team development with a pinch of AI, so you can create an ultimate dream team because only such teams achieve the impossible and change the world.
Nick Anisimov
Casper Brix
Sachin shajan
Nick Anisimov and 36 others use FirstHR
87 reviews
World's first platform dedicated to developers for creating & showcasing portfolios. Whether you're job hunting, freelancing, just graduating -- {devswall} is your solution to build Software Portfolio that gets you hired FAST!!
Emily Miller
Ryker Fisher
Hashir Hassan
Emily Miller and 96 others use Devswall
The Org
41 reviews
The Org is the world's biggest network of public org charts. Join us on our mission to make organizations more transparent!
Heini Zachariassen
David Laubner
Selcuk Senturk
Heini Zachariassen and 113 others use The Org
Final Round AI - Interview Copilot®️ provides real-time transcription and personalized assistance ON-THE-FLY during online interviews. Additionally, a suite of superpower AI tools helps candidates excel in this challenging recruiting season.
Soroosh Rabet
Bob Firestone
Madza and 154 others use Final Round AI - Interview Copilot