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What is the best tool for achieving #inboxzero ?

Because managing emails has been a pain. (Clean up) consistency is the key I know :)
7 recommended
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    Inbox by Google

    Next generation inbox

    KateMarketer; prev Product Hunt, GitHub Β· Written
    I love the UI of Inbox by Google and they make it so easy to achieve the fabled #inboxzero by offering "save for later" / "done" and then other classic options like folders or trash. Also, once you do hit Inbox Zero, you get a beautiful congratulatory message lauding your achievement! I'm all about the positive reinforcement 😍
    The way it shows your emails as todos makes it compelling enough to work your way to reach inbox zero.
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    Spark for Mac

    Beautiful and intelligent email app

    Complete and very powerful
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    A simple, beautiful, and powerful email client for Mac

    Amrith ShanbhagCommunity at Opal πŸ’Ž Β· Written
    "Make email work for you"
    Chad WhitakerProduct Designer at AngelList ✌️ · Written
    I still miss Mailbox app to this day - R.I.P! Polymail has been a great replacement. The ability to reschedule messages is key for inbox zero and even for proper follow-up.
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    Unroll.Me for iOS

    Unsubscribe from emails with a single swipe

    Jack DweckSenior Product Manager at Rakuten Β· Written
    Jack Dweck made this product
    Unroll.Me is a solid complement to a lot of the email clients listed here (though I'm biased!)
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    Organize your life. Then go enjoy it.

    Kyle HessFintech Product Manager Β· Written
    To stay at inbox zero, I either quickly respond, delete, or schedule the work. The first two you can do in any email app. To schedule the work, I use Todoist. You can easily forward emails into the service, or use the Outlook Plugin to make tasks on the spot. Leaves me with nothing in the inbox, and I don't forget things.
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    Moo.do for Gmail

    Email with powerful task management

    Jason CrawfordAuthor, The Roots of Progress Β· Written
    Todo list + email inbox --> just drag emails onto your todo list. Couldn't be simpler
  7. 1

    A simple and effective to-do list and task manager

    Damon made this product
    Simple yet powerful. Todo list + Calendar + Pomodoro + Habit Tracker all in one.