Ken Savage
Ken SavageFounder of Automation88

Where can I find a technical co-founder for my SaaS startup?

I need help finding a software dev with experience in php, mysql, jquery to help me launch my startup in the Boston area.
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Jeffrey Karl
Jeffrey Karl@jeffreykarl · Designer & Artist
@kensavage Have you looked at
Ashish Jha
Ashish Jha@ashishjha · President @ Ajoft Technologies
@kensavage its always better to choose a competent person you know as a partner. so if you like one, hang out with him for few days to know whether he will be best fit as your co-founder or not
Mila Chervenkova💪
Mila Chervenkova💪@milachervenkova · Test More Than I Consume 🔥🔥🔥
@kensavage You can definitely try to pitch your idea on Indie Hackers. The community consists of people working on side projects/startups and they are super tech-savvy.
shashidhar enaganti
shashidhar enaganti@enaganti · Growth Hacking
@kensavage, they give list of VC's available. Its just list, you have to pitch your product
Shreya Ranpariya
Shreya Ranpariya@shreya_ranpariya · Idea Executor
@kensavage If it's MERN stack then definitely I can help you. But you might be with some other stack, still will ask to my network.
Igor Petrov
Igor Petrov@igor_petrov · Co-founder & CTO at Konus (
@kensavage You can also find some technicals in Slack communities or here:
Mick@mickc79 · Founder of SongBox.Rocks
@kensavage right here. Tell me more about the product:
Ken Savage
Ken Savage@kensavage · Founder of Automation88
Thanks everyone I've received a lot of offers to help or where to find help. Looking at options now and finishing the v1 build very soon. is launching soon.
Sheejo George
Sheejo George@sheejogeorge
@kensavage you can try and Indiehackers to find your suitable partner or you may also use LinkedIn and with LinkedIn, you can use AeroLeads to find the email id of the co-founders and it will definitely boost-up your process.
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