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👩‍🍳 What's the best open-source project you've discovered this month?

Open-source is eating the world 💪 what's the best open-source project that you've found via GitHub or elsewhere in the last month? 💪 powered by @byteconf
Making and Letter 💌
Juggling too many projects.
@imkmf @graeme_fulton Woooshh that's gold right there!
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@imkmf @graeme_fulton wow... wow.... wow... super awesome
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@jdunsterville nice! I've heard great things about spectrum :)
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I'm incredibly late to the game, but I wrote with @gatsbyjs over the weekend – super easy to pick up! Really impressed with the documentation as well 👍
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@b_martins very cool!
Discover your customers through data
@imkmf @b_martins this is a very nice idea!
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@tijmenennik ah great! I love quick look on mac, this is a great idea :)
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@imkmf and (disclaimer: I'm a **minor** contributor on Bluenimble)
Solving content consumption at 1Feed 🌱
@imkmf - it's really hard to find email client for Windows that is fast and has uncluttered and clean UI. Fortunately, there's Mailspring. It was once called "Nylas", but after some changes to company, the cofounder(?) of Nylas forked it as a Mailspring. To be honest, I have discovered it more than a month ago. But it had some blocking bugs at the time. Now after several updates, I've recently checked it and it works pretty great and I've switched to it from Postbox (which is also good alternative, but it's kinda slown when you have lots of emails, and the UI isn't as good Mailspring's).
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@imkmf I discovered and I think it is an awesome content management system to use.
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@imkmf Date and Time look so non trivial at first but they are one of the major pain in the A most of the time when you start adding a lot of users from various countries and localization's.
Discover your customers through data
@imkmf with the free data validation and cleaning through their API Integration!
@imkmf ConnectUS DAO and are going Rambo!
@imkmf Приложение HackerNews React Native (iOS)
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@imkmf you can check most of all are open-source
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@imkmf I didn't discover it this month, but I just want to say thanks to it as I couldn't have made WonderSwipe without it.
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