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What are your favorite CPG products and brands?

There’s a wave of beautifully crafted products filling store shelves and your mailbox. Looking to test out a bunch: which are your favorites?
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    Extremely effective hydration

    Ben LevyCo-Founder of Sweep, PH NYC Co-Organizer · Written
    Simple, no BS hydration. I tested it out early after I found it here on PH. Think Pedialyte, but for adults.
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    i like that it's not too sweet. it tastes effective.
    The science is solid and the flavor is natural and mild - as a chef I love it.
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    Nebia Shower

    Better shower, 70% less water

    John SherwinHydrant. @Quartzy, @Oxford Bio · Written
    The showering experience with a Nebia is pure awesome. It's like walking into a personal spa in your own home. Very thoughtful design, AND it saves water.
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    The new beauty essentials: easy-to-use skincare and makeup

    Nick Abouzeid37Marketing @ MainStreet · Written
    Glossier's dominance is undisputed: haven't seen this level of fanaticism about a company since we all lined up for iPhones years ago 😂 Well-designed and formulated skincare products for men and women, all perfectly packaged with #glossierpink bubble mailers, stickers, and postcards. Their branding is seriously impressive.
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    Otis SkincareFounder, Otis Skincare · Written
    Love their range of products!!
  4. Ryan Hoover85Founder, Product Hunt · Written
    To those that know me: Yes, I know. Predictable. For those in the tech world, LaCroix quickly became ubiquitous despite it's multi-decade existence (VOX has a good article on this). I 💕 it because it's cheap, 0 calorie, and refreshing. The nostalgic brand is also fun. Use this site to create your own LaCroix flavor.
  5. All of Soapbox's products are high quality, smell great, and are great for skin and hair. And the best part is that fo every product sold, Soapbox donates a bar of soap to a person in need.
    Amazing products with an incredible mission!
    oooohhhhhh, I love Soapbox too! They smell amazing, have a ton of shea butter and naturals oils in them and they look great! Also, always feels nice to make a difference in this crazy world.
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    Hint Sunscreen

    Sunscreen with a fruit-filling scent ☀️

    Nick Abouzeid37Marketing @ MainStreet · Written
    I love everything that Hint puts out. Fruit-filled sunscreens that actually smell good and protect you in the sun. 😎
    I didn't know they had sunscreen. This is SUPER dope. Love their water. Multiple flavors. Impressive brand!
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    American-crafted furniture that assembles in minutes

    Jason TabuzoDigital Marketing Expert · Written
    Furniture that delivers in a flat-pack box, with guaranteed quality and modern style.
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    Kelp Jerky

    The superfood snack from the sea

    △CBM△Founder at AKUA · Written
    △CBM△ made this product
    A delicious, healthy, 100% vegan, and high-protein snack made with kelp, mushrooms, & superfoods!
    Innovative and so yummy! And meat free - it's almost too good!
  9. Otis SkincareFounder, Otis Skincare · Written
    Prestige skincare designed & formulated for men. Three simple, effective products to CLEAN, SHAVE and HYDRATE your skin, leaving it smooth, bright and healthy ✨ Made in France 🇫🇷
  10. Lindsey Delaplaine McCoySaving the planet once choice at a time · Written
    Not only are these great vegan products, but the company pays to have the bottles come back. Circular model, no plastic waste.
    Amazing mission-driven product line. Love what they're doing for green living/sustainability
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    Use code PH75 for $75 off the spill-proof pet-friendly sofa.

    A premium sofa that comes in the mail. Modern luxury is an experience, and Burrow delivers.
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  12. Susana SaeliuFounder, Pluto · Written
    Susana Saeliu made this product
    Pluto Pillows are built to your body stats, how you sleep, and what you like -- all at a fair price. They are a "hybrid-design," constructed with a supportive inner core and an outer plush pillow, unique to an individual's sleep profile. To start personalizing a pillow, all you have to do is visit our website and fill out a quick questionnaire. Your data will run through an algorithm that will help us create a pillow for you through our patent pending process. All information provided will be confidential. In a world of online mattress companies treating pillows as an afterthought, we want to put the focus back to where our heads lay at night.
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    Raised Real

    Make homemade baby food in minutes.

    EASY PEASY BABY FOOD. What usually takes 9+ hour takes 15mins. Also saving the environment by cutting down food waste <3
    Santiago MereaCEO & Founder @ Raised Real · Written
    Most parents want to make their own baby food but fail because of the time and effort it requires.
  14. Jason GreenspanCo-founder & CEO, WHOOSH! · Edited
    With your phone being 10x dirtier 💩then a toilet seat 🚽 and everything you touch ending up on your phone, WHOOSH! is transforming how we keep our ever growing world of screens and connected devices clean, sanitized & protected. Leveraging innovations in chemistry & formula development, WHOOSH! Tech Hygiene products provide superior performance, have a high consumer & environmental safety profile and provide differentiated features & benefits. WHOOSH!'s award winning Screen Shine products have been tested to ensure they are safe to use, non-toxic, non-alcohol/ammonia and make your screen shine like new! ✨✨ You wash your hands, now it's time to clean your phone!
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    Beautiful, direct-to-consumer luggage

    D2C luggage brand - mid level pricing but looks premium
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    Tens 2017 Collection

    Sunglasses that make life look happier

    @martyfounder of + · Written
    @marty made this product
    I may be biased, but our sunglasses fill your view with deep warm tones instead of cold lifeless shade ☀️
  17. Jackie Chiafullobrand manager, triple bristle · Written
    Three headed toothbrush developed by a practicing dentist to brush all sides of your teeth at once. Patented sonic toothbrush has quite the following on Amazon. Triple bristle sells a rechargeable model, battery operated “go” model, and even a twin recharable “duo” model..... because sharing is not always caring.
  18. Mina ZivkovicBrand & Content Marketing, Canvas · Written
    I have been a passionate customer, avid follower, and all-around lover of this brand for many years. Beauty Bakerie was founded in 2011 and recently received funding from Unilever. In addition to its products being unbelievable (and with a full range of colors), it's also an incredible company to support. It's a black, female owned company that makes vegan and cruelty free products. I happily give them my money. Albeit too much sometimes! They absolutely dominate the social media marketing game (brand & influencer marketing inspo for sure). Beauty Bakerie is wonderful, and if you haven't tried them, I recommend the Lip Whips. :)
  19. The rain hat reinvented. Hairbrella's patented design insulates women's hair from the rain without sweating it out and folds into a hidden storage pocket for travel.
  20. Joey CofoneCofounder Baronfig · Written
    Joey Cofone made this product
    The notebook for ideas. I'm biased.