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What are some great (real world) products for kids to learn programming?

A school I know is interested in getting their kids programming by making objects in the real world do things. Budget is an issue. Age group is 5 - 12 year olds
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    Build your own electronics

    Eshan SinghA young developer interested in AI. · Written
    Tried and tested method for getting kids excited about programming. I started programming with Arduinos when I was 9, and I've taught the basics to kids as young as 5. It's programmed in C++, but it's very easy to learn, with lots of good libraries available.
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    BBC's handheld, programmable computer given free to UK kids

    Very simple dev environment (web browser or smartphone): - Code visually using Blocks (or write code using javascript, micropython, c/c++) - Download compiled binary file to computer - Upload binary file to the micro:bit (mounts on the computer as a USB drive) - Or do it all on a smartphone/tablet: write then send code to micro:bit using bluetooth Can start with just the built-in buttons, led matrix, accelerometer, compass. Then later buy more leds, buttons, servos, whatever as you need them from ebay/aliexpress. If you're in the US, Microcenter's ( have a nice little DIY corner in their shops. I picked up a micro:bit go kit (includes short usb cable, battery, battery holder) for $12 this last weekend. Or buy online for $15 at or
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    Swift Playgrounds

    Learn serious code on your iPad in a seriously fun way

    My kids have used Tynker,, Kodable and many others. They consistently gravitate towards Swift Playgrounds.
  4. When I was in high school, I spend hours on programming these things. It's great fun!
  5. Thomas DIDIERGrowth @ForestSaaS 🌲 · Written
    Never tried (yet) but heard great reviews on Thingz products.
  6. There are a lot of different apps around the web. I can suggest to use help if you want to make your working web site and to programm something interesting.
  7. It offers a simple web-based visual programming platform to help kids to learn the essential concepts of programming without worrying about the complexity of syntax.
  8. Integration with Scratch, easy to use and program, with cool sensors to hack.
  9. It's free. A community that helps you learn to code, then get experience by contributing to open source projects used by nonprofits.
  10. Fun to play and it helps understanding loops and conditions.
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    Build a fully functional web app without any code

    Emmanuel Straschnov made this product
    Bubble is the logic of programming without the tedious code syntax.