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What is your best source for talent recruitment?

I personally feel LinkedIN is the best but I am sure, there are many good other ones that are better than LinkedIN.
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    Freshteam by Freshworks

    Recruiting software for recruiters who want to do more

    Aishwarya Hariharan
    Aishwarya HariharanMarketing at Freshworks Β· Edited
    Aishwarya Hariharan made this product
    LinkedIn is a great sourcing tool but you need to manage those candidates somewhere :) Freshteam is an applicant tracking system that can help you manage sourcing, interviews and hiring candidates!
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    Breezy HR

    Trello for Recruiting. Start your free trial today

    Jayca Pike
    Jayca PikeSenior Digital @ Ember Tribe Β· Written
    Why not start sourcing the passive candidates already on your career pages? Breezy's AI-assisted messenger lets you grab prospective candidates' attention with a little "Hello! πŸ‘‹ " then it can help you gather candidate details and answer their questions – all in real time, all as they were just kicking tires. Candidates you talk to flow straight into Breezy's modern recruiting software, making it simple and seamless to start nurturing the interested visitors you connect with.
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    Find out what top tech companies can offer you, anonymously

    I think this one is the best one because they changed the style of the recruitment process.
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    Recruit from the inner circle. Cool new concept.
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    A fast, easy, collaborative hiring tool

    Beth Hudson
    Beth HudsonSocial Media Marketer, Recruitee Β· Written
    LinkedIn is a great place to post jobs, but there are so many more to choose from! Recruitee is an ATS (applicant tracking system) I work with that allows you to post to multiple job boards at once. They also have a blog that recommends job boards, channels for job promotion, hiring resources, and free promotional advice on their live chat. Check it out: https://recruitee.com/signup
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    Muhammad Haseeb
    Muhammad HaseebA computer scientist with inventions. Β· Written
    Muhammad Haseeb made this product
    If you are looking for a pool of talent then Linkedin is the best place for that. HireBolt can help you to source, engage and hire the best talent.