What are the best tools for 1 on 1 meetings?

I'm looking for the best tools for taking 1 on 1 meetings. Taking notes, prepare summaries/action items ?
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    Taskade 2.0

    Team tasks, notes, and chat, in one unified workspace. 🧠✍️✅

    Dionis Loire made this product
    Taskade lets you video conference, write notes, and manage tasks all on the same page. We use it as a remote team to get on calls for our stand ups, scrum meetings, and planning our upcoming milestones / roadmaps.
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    Cloud video conferencing and simple online meetings

    Tejas Kinger
    Tejas Kinger23SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc · Written
    I'd pick Zoom.us for remote 1-1 meetings. Infinitely better than Skype, Hangouts or GoToMeeting.
    I think its best for video conferencing. You can record up to 45 minutes conversation in the free package.
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    An app to make your 1:1 and Team Meetings more productive

    Shannon Maloney
    Shannon MaloneyMarketer - Growth · Written
    Shannon Maloney made this product
    SoapBox is a one-on-one meeting tool used by over 30,000 managers. It's designed to help managers communicate more effectively with their teams, boost productivity and stay organized. Here's what you can do with SoapBox (free!) 👇 💻 Collaborate on a shared meeting agendas 📝 Take notes, comment and summarize what you discuss 📧 Automatically email meeting notes 🏃‍♀️ Add next steps and action items 🕐 Revisit past one-on-one meetings 📅 Sync meetings with your calendar 🧐 Spark ideas with the SoapBox question suggester 🔗 Integrate with Slack, Microsoft Teams and Google 📌 Personalized home page with all upcoming meetings, action items and more in one central place Check out more ways SoapBox can supercharge 🚀 your one-on-one meetings here: https://soapboxhq.com/features/o...
    Hiba Amin
    Hiba Amin5Content Marketing Manager · Written
    I didn't realize how a tool like this could be so crucial for sparking meaningful and impactful conversations with my manager. The suggested questions feature SoapBox offers has been such a blessing to have, especially as someone who doesn't always know what to ask in one-on-ones. Since using SoapBox, I leave meetings feeling more excited about my job and more prepared to just crush it!!
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    Part knowledge base, part collaboration space 🧠

    It's a general purpose tool but we use it for meetings a lot. The real time collaborative docs are great for planning an agenda, taking meeting notes, assigning tasks, and following up.
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    Engagement platform to make your team the best it can be

    Alex Potrivaev
    Alex PotrivaevProduct Designer and Entrepreneur · Written
    Alex Potrivaev made this product
    You can take a look at Teambit (I'm one of the co-founders here). Using lightweight surveys you can prepare the agenda for each week's meeting and with ability to share regular feedback and praise you can be sure that your interactions won't be limited to a one time a week.
  6. Manuela Bárcenas
    Manuela Bárcenas4Marketing @ Fellow.app · Edited
    Manuela Bárcenas made this product
    Fellow is a lightweight app that managers and their teams use to: 📝 Create 1-on-1 meeting agendas ✅ Assign action items 💾 Save meeting templates for recurring meetings 💡 Receive suggested conversation topics and questions for their 1-on-1s 📌 Track feedback, priorities, and goals — all in one place. The app is entirely customizable, which means that you can get as creative as you want with your meeting agendas —  while having the option to save the templates that you love! Features include: -One-on-one meetings -Team meetings -Feedback -Goal setting -Smart suggestions -Integrations with Slack, Google Calendar, Office 365, MS Teams & Human Resource Management Systems like BambooHR and Workday. ***If companies like Shopify, Vidyard, and SurveyMonkey trust Fellow as their meeting & feedback app, you should too 😉 Sign up and try it for free: www.fellow.app/one-on-one-software — your team will thank you!
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    Whereby (formerly appear.in)

    Collaborate from anywhere - video meetings with no downloads

    I loved appear.in for team collaborations. Takes less than a minute to register and get yourself a permalink to share with others and just like that, you are in a meeting already.
    If you are doing video meetings, Appear.in is sweet. Really easy to use as everything is in browser and free.
    I love it. It is super easy to use, and reliable.
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    Wisembly Jam

    A powerful meeting app to improve team collaboration

    Florent Mérian
    Florent MérianProduct and Growth Hacker · Written
    Jam by Wisembly is a great tool to automate meeting preparation, to produce outcomes (notes, tasks, and decisions) and to respect the time schedule.
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  9. Sneha Mittal made this product
    Send automated email/SMS reminders, accept online payments, add booking constraints, add a zoom link automatically, create different default time slots (15-min, 30-min, 75-min and so on) and the best part it is free foever with most important features already available in the free version.
  10. Lisa Dziuba
    Lisa Dziuba6FlawlessApp.io Founder · Written
    We use Skype for 1 on 1 remote meetings :)
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    One combined workspace. All of your team documentation.

    Laure Albouy
    Laure Albouy3marketing @ slite · Written
    Laure Albouy made this product
    Slite is a great tool to store one on one meeting notes, create template for your one on ones and add action items.
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  12. Sarah Miller
    Sarah MillerSurvey Specialist, SoGoSurvey · Written
    It is one of the best meeting tool for discussing meeting along with sharing screen and docs.
  13. Daniel Contreras
    Daniel ContrerasGeek, entrepreneur... basically · Written
    Auvious is a meeting room like appear.in but that allows ideas to come out, it has tools like a whiteboard, screensharing, note taking, chat, as well as analytics! And it's Free!
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    Collaborative screen sharing for sales & success teams

    Wilhelm Bacher
    Wilhelm BacherShaping the future of sales @ Demodesk · Written
    Wilhelm Bacher made this product
    If you're looking for a tool to facilitate customer facing meetings / Co-browsing, I'd recommend Demodesk: No downloads, fully interactive and it helps with scheduling. Full disclosure: I work at Demodesk
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    Demodesk screen sharing allows both presenter and viewer can click and type simultaneously. It lets you even share control with multiple parties at the same time. Doesn't require any downloads or extensions. It works out of the box with any device and any browser, lag-free - yes, also Internet Explorer! Anyone can join by just clicking a link. And because Demodesk acts like a normal website, even the strictest firewalls won’t block it. It comes with automated scheduling, so you Calendly is basically integrated already. Also, Demodesk offers real-time sales guidance to giving advice in sales demos. It's not only a collaborating tool, but also audio & video conferencing tool. Demodesk can be used for sales demos, customer onboarding, success and support. Full disclosure: I work at Demodesk"
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    Be less busy. Real-time messaging, archiving & search.

    Real time Office Messenger Application and One on One Office Meeting App
  16. Vedant Bajpai
    Vedant BajpaiBlack Board Educate App · Written
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  17. Troop Messenger, the new-age business communication tool comes with easy and simple to use functional application features. Users can access Troop messenger from Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Web, Android and iOS.
  18. Mirrorfly’ video calling solution, connect users in a whole of about 5 participants or individual for a lively conversation on the go. video calling SDK for mobile & web serve beyond the possibilities to make secure & peer-to-peer video conference on Android, iOS & Websites
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    Skype Meetings

    Click a button to start a free video call

    Patrick at Ajuvia
    Patrick at AjuviaEntrepreneur, Researcher, Creator · Written
    May be a little old fashioned. But has been extremely reliable to me. It still works when other options failed. And it is simple to use.