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Which people or firms are offering unique alternatives to traditional VC funding?

I just read Being a Startup Founder is a minimum wage job — Here’s the proof by @brandone, where he states that 50% of founders make $5.61/hour. This isn't a surprise – starting a company is extremely risky and most fail to survive. He mentions @bryce from Indie.vc and the need for alternative funding models to (most) traditional VC which relies on unicorn outcomes. I'm interestingly interested in funding alternatives, ICOs being one of them.
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@rrhoover Crowdfunding is one of the more obvious alternatives, but I can't think of many software-companies that have raised money this way (I guess most consumers want something tangible when they back crowdfunding campaigns). Equity crowdfunding / crowdinvesting (via ICO or otherwise) will be an interesting next step. Problem is that most people will underestimate the risks that come with investing.
@rrhoover thanks for reading! I am also looking into ICOs and other models. Ultimately though, for a sustainable shift to happen the overall metrics/formula needs to shift. I believe it will require a much more systematic change that just where the money comes from. There are many important businesses not getting built or being forced down the wrong path because they don't fit the current economics. New funding sources will help but there are also ways we can create more supportive systems for founders to launch and scale companies. Happy to discuss further as it's an area very close to my heart.
@rrhoover @brandone people tend to obsess over cash, ICOs and funding models and sources which, in fact, aren't really the problem. Yes, access to some capital at different inflection points can have a massive impact, but I agree with Brandon that even more critical are the support systems and healthier startup cultures to provide founders with resources and networks they need to bring what they uniquely have to contribute and manifest to the companies they're building.
@rrhoover @bryce Thanks Bryce. Love to connect on this sometime and get more VC perspectives. Really appreciate your input.
@rrhoover I've been looking into alternative models for a bit now. One thing that we've done at BotList is to create some self-sustaining methods of making money with, Pro plans, advertising, skipping the queue payments, job boards, and launching a bot marketplace in the next week. The tough bit about all of that is it takes a lot of time... so, we are starting to dive into community-driven methods of funding and ICO's
@rrhoover @sethlouey Maybe the added time is a feature, not a bug.
@rrhoover What about Patreon?
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