What's the best iPad app for annotating documents?

I'm looking for the easiest tool to annotate wireframes, pdfs of copy/contracts/etc using an iPad and Apple Pencil.
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    Scanner Pro by Readdle

    A scanner in your pocket

    Purchase the PDF Expert add on and this becomes the best way to handle documents on an iPad, bar none. Simply fantastic app, top recommendation.
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    iOS 14

    Introducing widgets on the homepage, App Clips & more

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    R A I Z A🍝 Product Manager | Spaghetti Aficionado · Written
    So... this is probably a bit unorthodox for PH, but I've found that 'Markup' which is a built-in feature on iOS is the best annotator I've ever used - especially with the Pencil. I say this because I don't have to export to an app / export back to share / and is easy to get to. Simply open your PDF / wireframe and tap on the briefcase in the lower right... and that's it. $0 and pretty easy to use!
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    Liquid Text 2.0

    A better way to understand text - across multiple documents

    Annotates PDFs like no other app. Newest version is superb