Louis Cibot
Louis CibotCo-founder & CTO @ Zenaton

What software or website do you use to build diagram?

I would like to build technical diagram to sketch our software architecture to the developer team.
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    Visual Sitemap Creator and Content Planner

    Konrad Gonera
    Konrad GoneraCustomer Support at Awmous · Written
    To design a website structure I would recommend using Slickplan. Also inside sitemap pages you can create flow charts and mind maps, for example under the ‘authorization’ page cell you can draw a diagram describing the registration and signing in process for users. The diagrams can be created as a standalone, shareable and exportable projects as well.
    The Slickplan web app will allow you to create beautiful diagrams. If you should need a sitemap we've got you covered too. Diagrams are now available as standalone projects, however, you'd have access to loads of tools and support that we offer. Here's a link to direct you to info about our diagram builder: https://slickplan.com/diagram Let us know if we can help! :)
    • Konrad Gonera
      Konrad GoneraCustomer Support at Awmous

      Creating a sitemap is fast and easy and also you can brand your project by adding a logo or color scheme.

      You can export your projects in various formats or share them on Slack, Basecamp, Teamwork and social media.

      Also it has integrated Google Analytics module that gives you the ability to display advanced metrics, so you can choose how to best redesign or reorganize your website.

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    Create and share mind maps on mobile devices or the web

    Maybe this is exactly what you were looking for. I use it. And I often hear from colleagues about this service.