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19 recommended
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    Inbox by Google

    Next generation inbox

    I was looking for nice email app for IOS and found it :) Totally recommend to try!
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    Suraj Katwal
    Suraj KatwalSuraj Katwal Β· Written
    Inbox by Google is an updated version of Gmail
    Cooper Miller
    Cooper MillerHigh School Pastor / Techie Β· Written
    I use inbox for everything, I recommend Boxy for the OSX client as well.
  2. 16
    Sortd for Gmail

    Trello for Gmail - Transform your email into organized lists

    Susie Concannon πŸ¦„
    Susie Concannon πŸ¦„Social Media @ eyeo/Adblock Plus Β· Written
    Sortd is like Gmail and Trello had a baby. It puts emails and to do lists all in one place.
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    A simple, beautiful, and powerful email client for Mac

    Tejas Kinger
    Tejas KingerPMM @ Plum | Prev. @ Freshworks Hiver Β· Written
    An easy to use, extremely well designed, intuitive email client for Mac and iOS.
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    Josh Zandman
    Josh ZandmanMusician | Magician | Coder Β· Written
    Hands down, the best email platform! Track emails per recipient and tons of other features.
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    ArunHappiness Engineer, Automattic Β· Written
    Polymail is easily the best email app ever. Re-discovered it late, and haven't been able to let go of it. Email tracking, beautiful interface, keyboard shorcuts. The last one's a highly wanted feature for me.
  4. 9
    Scanner Pro by Readdle

    A scanner in your pocket

    Niklaus Gerber
    Niklaus GerberI assist with digital innovation Β· Written
    Rock solid, hyper fast and feature loaded mail app for iOS and OSX. Best there is.
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  5. 8
    Google Postmaster

    High volume email tools from Google

    Nora Conrad
    Nora ConradOwner of NoraConrad.com Β· Written
    Plain ol' Gmail for me. I've been using it to hit Inbox zero every single day. I keep messing around with other apps just for fun but I always go back to the classic web version. It's the best native email app out there.
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    gokulNot a fanboy. Tech enthusiast. Β· Written
    +1. I always return to the official Gmail app(s) after playing around with other apps/services.
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    The mail app with magical search

    I've tried a lot of mail clients before falling in love with Newton. The interface is clear and simple with some powerful features like the read receipts one but also the informations about the sender profile and the ability to connect to third parties apps like Evernote or Dropbox.
    Tom Kehner
    Tom KehnerCo-founder, theDifference Β· Written
    Agree regarding Newton. I used the free version (previous name) for a few months and found its interface extremely clean and simple to use. When it converted to a paid subscription, there was no debate to sign-up and pay.
  7. 5

    Instant scheduling, tracking, templates, polls in Gmail

    Chris Wilson
    Chris WilsonSr. Product Manager Β· Written
    Take everything you love from other mail apps (send later, tracking, etc..) and build in a helpful scheduling system, email sequences, etc... all built on Gmail so you don't have to use a separate app. This is a MUST HAVE and they are constantly making it better.
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    Astro for Android

    Modern email app for Mac, iOS, and Android, powered by AI

    Ricardo Polo
    Ricardo PoloCo-founder of Tulpep Β· Written
    I have tested polymail, spark, airmail and others but all of thm sync emails slow. Sometimes you see different things in your iPad and in your Mac. Astro is as relaiable as then but also it is so fast. Like real time. You really should test it! It's my favorite email client.
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    Lightning fast mail client for OS X

    Simple and minimalistic interface. Integrations with services like Todoist and Evernote.
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  10. 3

    A simple and easy to use solution for cold emails

    Cold emailing awesomeness!
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  11. 3

    The new face of email is fast, elegant, powerful, expressive

    Peter C
    Peter CDeveloper Β· Written
    Hop has become my go to email client for Android. Makes it super simple to keep your mailbox tidy and supports pretty much any source of email, outlook, gmail, IMAP etc. It makes email feel like normal IM chat. Also encryption is supported if both contacts are using Hop!
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    The best email tracking solution I've found. Free

    Yousef Sheikh
    Yousef SheikhUD | Founder of Chalkboard Charities Β· Written
    It's awesome when you want to see if someone read your email, how long ago, on what device, etc. Now I know if someone is trying to ignore me or just sucks at checking their email regularly.
  13. 3

    All-in-one email design platform

    YuriyMarketing Manager @ Ardas Β· Written
    Easy-to-use email builder with designed email templates and rich export opportunities to ESPs. It saves time on routine
    Ivan Burban
    Ivan BurbanCMO at Saldo Apps Β· Written
    Ivan Burban made this product
    Try it for email design!
  14. 2

    Enabling sales teams do meaningful email outreach at scale

    John Ababseh
    John AbabsehEpiphany Enthusiast Β· Written
    Was using this for awhile, to help organize my emails and better track and record emails.
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  15. 3
    Missive 3.0

    The shared inbox that empowers teams to truly collaborate!

    Dmitry Kornyukhov
    Dmitry KornyukhovTranslator, Founder of theopenmic.co Β· Written
    Awesome tool for team inboxes, integrates will with your gmail account and has a ton of useful features. Love using it for collaboration with my team and replying to customers. Has Windows, iOS apps too!
  16. 3

    CRM in your inbox - for Gmail

    Nare Dovla
    Nare DovlaMoon by 1-Ring Β· Written
    Amazing and easy to use for Gmail users. Simply perfect.
  17. 2

    Take your Gmail game to the next level

    Allan Caeg
    Allan CaegFounder, NorthStories.io Β· Written
    Can't live without such an automation tool. It's critical for me to understand if prospects are opening emails and clicking links... Before that, it's critical for me to design mail merge campaigns and follow-ups!
  18. 2
    Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM)

    Run well-targeted email campaigns with Gmail & Google Sheets

    A simple mail merge add-on for Gmail. Free for upto 50 emails/day. A much needed tool for every Internet Marketer!
  19. 2

    Clean up your inbox

    Rahul Kapoor
    Rahul KapoorDeveloper by heart but gentle by mind. Β· Written
    I know this company now has little bit bad reputation, but it's still a great tool when comes to unsubscribing from emails.