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Where can I find an 'index tracker' or nearest equivalent for cryptocurrencies?

I'd like to invest in the overall growth of cryptocurrencies rather than individual coins, where can I do this?
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    Vinit Agrawal
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  2. Josh Thomas
    Josh ThomasProduct Designer / Engineer · Written
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    Cryptos do not have an equivalent of a Dow or S&P (like stocks). There is a blockchain ETF but it's made up of corporations involved in the space. CryptoCompare has what they call 'MVIS CryptoCompare Digital Assets Index' that tracks baskets of top coins, but it's for info only (you can't trade it). If you are looking to invest in crypto, I suggest just buying Bitcoin over anything else. If you are looking to branch out to other options check out to discover trends, monitor positions and track profit and loss.