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Whats the best alternative to squarespace for personal website building that's cheap(er)? shut down unexpectedly (at least to me) and all the sudden my page isnt hosted. 15/mo is kind of a lot for a page that... rarely gets visited, so hoping for something more like 20-30/year. #help
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    Simple, responsive, one-page sites for pretty much anything.

    Ryan Hoover85Founder, Product Hunt · Written
    I use Carrd. There's a free version and very affordable "pro" options if you want a custom domain and more personalization.
    Depending on how many pages you need, Carrd is great for a simple one page!
  2. Doug Jedi at · Written
    $35.88 a year, includes domain, basic customizations, solid support. disclaimer - I work for the company behind
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    Github Pages

    Every Github repo has a secret free website.

    Alex MillerPh.D. Student, Data Scientist at Wharton · Written
    100% free; supports custom domain. Downside is you need to code your own HTML/CSS (or Markdown). But if you just have a site with < 5 pages, it should be pretty simple for even non-coders to copy a template they like and fill in the blanks.
    KarthikPhD Student, Computational Biology · Written
    It might take a little bit of work but you can also setup a blog with Jekyll and serve it using Github pages.
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    Tilda Publishing

    Build beautiful websites and tell stories without any code

    another good alternative
  5. Kalo YankulovFounder of · Written
    Very simple to use and cheaper!
  6. AkhilSinghTEngineering+Products+Usability+Wirk · Written
    WordPress on a shared hosting + X-WordPress Theme. Cheapest.
  7. Cheap when going with a personal URL, and super easy to design.
  8. I did extensive research for SquareSpace alternatives and made a list of best its alternatives. Among them, I found FastComet is better alternative.
  9. Tùng Hoàng made this product
    This e-card is helpful when you have an interest in connecting with other people on different platforms. It has a number of templates for users to choose from. So quite easy and fast to create one e-card. And it is free as well LoLz
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    Build simple websites on your phone

    Andrey Pyankov made this product
    It is free if you use Airsite subdomain.
  11. This possibly is the only website builder which has an AMP theme. Try it out for super fast loading website And it looks stunning too Free if you are okay with a sub-domain.