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Whats the best alternative to squarespace for personal website building that's cheap(er)? shut down unexpectedly (at least to me) and all the sudden my page isnt hosted. 15/mo is kind of a lot for a page that... rarely gets visited, so hoping for something more like 20-30/year. #help
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    Simple, responsive, one-page sites for pretty much anything.

    Ryan Hoover
    Ryan Hoover85Founder, Product Hunt · Written
    I use Carrd. There's a free version and very affordable "pro" options if you want a custom domain and more personalization.
    Depending on how many pages you need, Carrd is great for a simple one page!
  2. Doug Aitken
    Doug Jedi at · Written
    $35.88 a year, includes domain, basic customizations, solid support. disclaimer - I work for the company behind
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    Github Pages

    Every Github repo has a secret free website.

    Alex Miller
    Alex MillerPh.D. Student, Data Scientist at Wharton · Written
    100% free; supports custom domain. Downside is you need to code your own HTML/CSS (or Markdown). But if you just have a site with < 5 pages, it should be pretty simple for even non-coders to copy a template they like and fill in the blanks.
    KarthikPhD Student, Computational Biology · Written
    It might take a little bit of work but you can also setup a blog with Jekyll and serve it using Github pages.
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    Tilda Publishing

    Build beautiful websites and tell stories without any code

    another good alternative
  5. Kalo Yankulov
    Kalo YankulovProduct creator and marketer · Written
    Very simple to use and cheaper!
  6. AkhilSinghT
    AkhilSinghTEngineering+Products+Usability+Wirk · Written
    WordPress on a shared hosting + X-WordPress Theme. Cheapest.
  7. Diego
    DiegoBuilding stuff on the internet · Written
    Diego made this product
    Make your personal website, in less than 1 minute. It's minimal, easy and it's also free
  8. Cheap when going with a personal URL, and super easy to design.
  9. I did extensive research for SquareSpace alternatives and made a list of best its alternatives. Among them, I found FastComet is better alternative.