What websites do you have bookmarked?

What are the websites that you have bookmarked and visit daily?

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Where else am I going to get the freshest memes? In all seriousness, Reddit changed how I browse the internet. I used to have multiple sources for news and content, but Reddit consolidates all of that into one gateway with quality user curated content.
Dmitry LuninSEO-Experts.com, CEO & Founder · Written
Medium 2.0

A new look, app, and features to move thinking forward

Mohammed RafyAll things Community @DoSelectHQ · Written
You know why.

Clear, effective, mistake-free writing.

Debasis PandaFounder debamedia.co · Written
Best tool for content writing
BeccaMarketing Associate · Written
Love seeing the stats about my writing too!
Gaurav AgrawalCoder, Thinker, Curious observer · Written
I use to read lot of hacker news so this is one of my bookmarks.
Adriana PattersonScientist/biotech consultant/coffee nerd · Written
Although I'm probably the most lacking in hack capabilities... I like reading this feed because people post the most interesting stories. I've come upon some great sites/stories I would have otherwise not found through my usual online wanderings.
Ryan Hoover44Founder, Product Hunt · Written
I could name all the usual suspects (Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, etc.) but one of the lesser known sites in my bookmarks is Hype Machine, a site for discovering up-and-coming songs and artists that you won't find on Spotify or Apple Music. If you're on the Mac, you can also skip the bookmark and download this native player: Plug.
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Nick Abouzeid 🕴6Social & Growth at Product Hunt · Written
Suuuuper useful when you need to make a second account on a platform.
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Martín CigorragaUnix(-like) Ops folk. F/LOSS advocate. · Written
What makes this service great is that the emailboxes are disposable and short-lived.

Show and tell for designers (web interface inspiration)

Brian GreenProduct Manager · Written
It inspires me

Complete presentation platform for professionals

Roxana EfteneProduct Marketing Ninja · Written
Roxana Eftene made this product
Create and deliver stunning presentations, engage with your audience and track your presentation’s performance, all-in-one place.
Nick Abouzeid 🕴6Social & Growth at Product Hunt · Written
Perfect for when your roommate chews just a little too loudly & you need something to block it out.
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I put on http://youarelistening.to/ at about 60% volume and then rainymood.com about about 15%. very calming and focuses me like nothing else. The random interjections from youarelistening keep the rain sounds from making me space out. I have at times added in a couple of other sound layers at various volumes as well.
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Mixes intended for listening while programming

samAssistant Principal. Father of twins. · Written
Just added this last week. Different tracks that work for productivity. Individual tracks are long enough to get into a rhythm without messing up your flow.
Nicky DreshajIndependent Creative · Written
Cool Gadgets, Tools, Ideas, and Lifestyle Products
Jarod StewartSr. Software Engineer, Yonomi · Written
I have techmeme up for my daily juicy info on Uber and how Uber is getting sued or how Travis may or may not be CEO right now... and how they have no chief level executives and are losing their board members too...
Greg Moorehttp://thegregmoore.com · Written
Perfectly simple news curation.

5 curated design links, every day

Raquel LópezDesigner & Front end student · Written
It keeps me updated or inspired of design matters. And they just are 5 links, so I don't have to spend the whole day reading
Rob DiazArt Director & Animator. Digital Nomad. · Written
A simple way to copy and paste characters like: ñ ç € ¼ ®
Oscar Brunndoughnuts baker · Written
my fave tool for seo

Hashtag suggestions for Instagram

Francis KimFull Stack Solopreneur · Written
Francis Kim made this product
Easily find hashtags to copy and paste
Startup Mixtape

A directory of the best business podcast episodes ever

Vikas JhaDigital Entrepreneur & Ex- VC · Written
The Best way to while away your time, yet work while you are whiling away your time. Covers a wide range of topic from marketing to sales to probably everything that a start up would need. A definite pick !
As a programmer, i interact with the shell like 50 times a day. There is no better and a more simpler guide than this site for all the commands i copy/paste from StackOverflow. :)
Unsplash 5.0

Free (do whatever you want) high-resolution photos.

Dario RaijmanProduct Designer / Traveller. · Written
Beautiful photos to get inspired and make your designs looks awesome!