What's the best (and easy to use) bookmark tool to share a single link with friends?

I'm looking for something that is a merge between Point (getpoint.co) and Google Bookmarks, with notifications (desktop and mobile) and bookmarking capabilities, but without unnecessary amenities.
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    Awesome link sharing/commenting with friends.

    This could be perfect, if there was not to basic, without the capability to manage or find again old links shared.
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    Cross-device bookmarking powered by artificial intelligence

    Scott Williams
    Scott WilliamsPresident, Emisare, Inc. · Written
    Stash is really solid for simple and elegant sharing of links and collection of links.
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    • Corey Ward
      Corey Wardentrepreneur

      The interface is fairly spartan; I suspect this is the first time this developer has had to design their own product. There aren't any bookmark thumbnails or colors. Your bookmarks page is just a list of several hundred mostly-identical items, and they don't have real search, just “filters”, so you aren't going to get relevancy ranking, which is a bummer because it's built into tools like Postgresql. Yet another bookmarking tool that focuses too much on the bookmarking experience and not enough on resurfacing and utilizing those bookmarks later.

    • Steve Garratt
      Steve GarrattGraphic Designer

      see the pros and cons

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    Google Keep

    Save your thoughts, wherever you are

    Google Keep is super easy to use and you can access it across your devices. It has a Chrome extension, and it also makes it simple to share your notes with collaborators, or transfer their content to Google Docs.
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    Turn your browser start page into a personal dashboard

    I'm using this for 2 years straight for bookmarking, sharing and categorizing. Believe me! this will increase your productivity level by 70%. Plus sharing with your friends will be more easy and categorized.
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    Send files, links, and more to your phone and back, fast!

    If only about one friend, this is ultimate one step share. Having apps for Chrome, Android, ios, and Firefox, this is GO TO app to share anything directly to your friends.
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    Inbox by Gmail Chrome Extension

    Save links for later and share with one click

    Mohanad Yajouri
    Mohanad YajouriProduct Designer · Written
    If you already use Inbox, this extension might be great for you. Any URLs saved with this will automatically go under a "Saved" label. And when you share via email you get the perks of a multi-person discussion at no extra cost :) Also, because these saved links are treated somewhat like emails, you get to treat them like tasks: mark them as done, or snooze for later, which I find super helpful.
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    Save 95% memory by converting all your open tabs into a list

    Siddhant Tiwari
    Siddhant TiwariGrowth @Mypoolin · Written
    One of my favourite chrome extension. Whenever you find yourself with too many tabs, click the OneTab icon to convert all of your tabs into a list.
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    • M Dorsett
      M DorsettWriter on the hunt 24/7

      I wish that I could create groups of tabs. If I have a group of tabs that are all related to one subject, I want to group them together within the onetab list.

    • Vedran Rasic
      Vedran RasicCreator @ autoklose.com | myautoshop.net

      I used is for well over 1y and it's OneTab that I always keep opened. Whenever I let loose browsing and I know I have to get back to my focus - right click and move to one-tab for later. Thanks OT team for making this amazing tool.