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What are some of the best tools to help plan a vacation itinerary?

Your destination is set, your flight is booked - now what? Looking for some smart tools/resources to help plan what to do, where to eat and where to stay. Google searching, scouring traditional travel sites, and reading reviews on Trip Advisor, etc. are tedious and unhelpful (IMO). Are there any truly great resources that utilize algorithms, VR/AR, custom recommendations, etc? Google Trips is a start, but there's so much room to grow. Is anyone truly disrupting the s**t out of travel prep?
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    Hopper 2.0

    Know when to fly and buy. Score the lowest fares

    Sarah A. Downey
    Sarah A. DowneyGamer, capitalist, psychology fan · Written
    Hopper is amazing--you can look up flights and immediately see how expensive they are to book over the next 6 months. It gives you quick visual feedback on when to buy, and you can get push notifications when flights you're watching are about to get more expensive.
    Eduardo Mucelli Rezende Oliveira
    Eduardo Mucelli Rezende OliveiraFace recognition at · Written
    The calendar is so beautifully designed I can't imagine how much work has been put in order to create such a minimal and yet complete interface.
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    All your travel plans, in one place

    Scans your email and automatically adds flights, rail travel and hotel bookings to a calendar. You can start from there and share your itinerary with friends and family incase of emergency.
    David V. Kimball
    David V. KimballMarketing Manager @ Gigster · Written
    My favorite app for anything travel-related. I put everything in Tripit before I go on any trip!
    Amazing tool that won't let you down. Used this for a 3-week long trip through SEA with (almost) a dozen stops. Check out their free 30-day trial!
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    Tastemaker-driven concierge to plan your perfect trip

    Ryan Hoover
    Ryan HooverFounder of Product Hunt & Weekend Fund · Written
    Journy is awesome. Me and my girlfriend used it in Lisbon last year. They pair you with a real life human (crazy, huh?) that plans your trip, hour-by-hour. They'll select the restaurants, sites, and other activities based on your requests. As someone that hates to plan trips, it's super useful and only $15/day.
    Robin Singhvi
    Robin SinghviFounder, SmartCue | B2B SaaS · Written
    I couldn't find any other service quite like Journy! Used them multiple times now and every experience has been stellar! Can't recommend them enough!
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    Skyscanner 7.0

    Find and book great deals on flights, hotels, and car rental

    Marcus Vlahovic
    Marcus VlahovicCo-founder & CEO, Sustainabody · Written
    Cheap, cheap, cheap - (really) the cheapest flights. This + my next suggestion = travel godmode.
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    Natalie Rodriguez
    Natalie RodriguezDirector of advertising · Written
    I personally recommend this site &app to travel chip.
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    Inbox by Google

    Next generation inbox

    Kris Knowles
    Kris KnowlesManager, Customer Care at Front Desk · Written
    If you have a Gmail account, Google Trips is a great way to aggregate your confirmations from your Gmail account and create itineraries. It also provides travel guide information, such as things to know, places to see, and is integrated with places you have ⭐️ saved in Google Maps.
    AustinFounder, Layman Lab · Written
    Thanks for the suggestion, Kris. I really like Google Trips too. I'm using it as the base of our itinerary. I think Trips will evolve into something amazing, but the lack of a synched desktop version frustrated me a bit. Also, their "Day Plans" is promising, but you cannot easily add a stop along the way unless it's an existing POI (or unless you star it in Maps first, then jump back into Trips). Unless I'm wrong :)
    For planning our activities inside cities, I usually prefer to first open Google Trips to bookmark sites and places. Then, I switch to Google Maps to find clusters (spot what's nearby), deciding what to combine in (half) a day.
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    How to get anywhere by plane, train, bus, ferry & car

    Marcus Vlahovic
    Marcus VlahovicCo-founder & CEO, Sustainabody · Written
    In combination with SkyScanner (or without) Rome2Rio is crazy good for planning out your vaca travel on the cheap. Example - to get to TNW 2017 you could use SkyScanner to fly to Slovenia for half the price of Amsterdam (from the US) and then use rome2rio for trains + buses, all mapped out for you, on the cheap.
    Eduardo Mucelli Rezende Oliveira
    Eduardo Mucelli Rezende OliveiraFace recognition at · Written
    It is awesome how they have transportation data even from remote places! It might be a nightmare to integrate all those partners.
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    Inbox by Google

    Next generation inbox

    Fioralba Duma
    Fioralba DumaLove exploring apps · Written
    Customizing & sharing as Google do!
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    A smart travel companion

    I absolutely loathe spending hours asking friends for recommendations or pre-planning my vacation activities just to have weather changes affect all my plans . That's why I downloaded and have been using Welcome! This app aggregates tips from my friends and experts and uses AI to plan out my days ON-THE-FLY, taking into account things like travel time, weather, my interests & preferences. It has a super-friendly UI and personalizes the things I want to see on vacations based on who I follow and what they recommend. Highly recommended app for anyone who is as lazy as I am and wants to enjoy memorable vacations without all the hassle of over-planning for trips.
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    Fast, detailed & completely offline maps for mobile devices.

    Works ofline, great interface, many sights are tagged
    Elena Zabalueva
    Elena Zabaluevajournalist, R&D analyst · Written
    Like this! The best routes for pedestrians and cyclists, really!!! I used this application in Europe (especially actively in Italy, the Czech Republic and Austria) - there have never been errors. But in Russia there are strange routes, although this is a Russian service. For car travel, the best solution is Google Maps.
    WantshesEvgeniya Yesipava · Written
    Yep, my favorite offline maps!
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    Explore more than 400 000 hidden tourist places in Europe.

    Ladislav Šalom made this product
    This app helps you to find interesting places around. Based on Wikipedia data.
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    Presto Trip

    Cheapest multi city flights

    KartikFounder, Presto Trip. · Written
    Kartik made this product
    Hi ! Presto Trip creator creator here and I think we can help you out. Presto Trip helps find the cheapest travel itineraries. We built it because I tried all the other tools to plan a vacation to Greece and Croatia, and none of them really helped me organize my itinerary in a way that would save me the most money. If you look at tools like most travel search apps, they have a deep structural understanding of flight data, and can actually help you do things like book the flight. But these tools usually just let you book a flight - you still really have to do all the legwork of researching the itinerary you want yourself. They are all primarily oriented at booking a single flight and to their credit, do a good job of this. Though they don't do things like helping you easily edit and tune your itinerary in a way that you can compare many itineraries or find which itinerary saves you the most. So in my opinion while these apps are good travel search apps, they don't really answer this question because they aren't itinerary planners and really only focus on the single city use case. At the other end, you have travel planning apps which let you make notes about your itineraries, which lack the kind of deep knowledge of flight prices. These apps are indeed valuable for planning a trip to the extent of making notes and organization, but none of them really help you plan an itinerary in a way that you can save. Some of them do have a price estimation feature, but these features are unusable because they don't reflect how real flight prices work. Flight prices change and are highly specific to a day. So if you did end up using one of the existing travel planning apps, you end with an itinerary price that has no bearing to the price you would pay. Presto Trip is designed to be focused on what we believe to be the most painful and most valuable part of itinerary planning: saving you money. It let's you plan itineraries that are realistically representative of how prices work - that flight prices are highly specific to a give route and day, and it has proper integration with flight pricing APIs so that after you have planned out your itinerary, you can actually go book it. You can explore many different possible itineraries, see how different itineraries influence the price. You also have access to rich scheduling and discovery controls ( described in Product Hunt listing in more detail ). The best part is the pricing optimization engine with will tell you how to take your trip in a way that saves you the most. So for instance you can end up getting great multi city deals which can say take roundtrip from San Francisco to 3-4 cities in Europe for 600$ with mostly direct flights by picking the right modes of transport, the right dates and right order of visiting cities. That dream vacation that you thought was out of your reach might very well be something you could pull off as soon as this thanksgiving. In some cases people at first think we are using fake data because the prices are so low, only to realize what we're really doing is picking out chains of really cheap flights for a given trip which in aggregate can save you tremendously. We do this using a combination of machine learning and constraint satisfaction. We offer you the cheapest multi city flights as a result of this, and the net result is typically a savings of 35% and in some cases much more vs. just using the multi city feature of most other travel sites. I encourage you to give it a shot and hope we can help you make your vacation dreams a reality without breaking the bank.
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    A social travel app

    Guillermo Bresciano
    Guillermo BrescianoProduct | Tech Startups · Written
    Guillermo Bresciano made this product
    Travellar is based on recommendations from locals, but where it really shines is improvising in doing real-life activities with other travellers. Just join or create an activity you want to do and experience it with others.
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    Hafiz Kanji
    Hafiz KanjiGo-to-market, growth consultant · Written
    I've used this app to plan and organize multiple trips and it works great. Works offline, easy to add, edit, remove and export to PDF to share.
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    Discover great photo locations all over the world.

    Broda Noel
    Broda NoelSolving problems with people, and code. · Written
    Broda Noel made this product
    NoFilter (I'm a maker) is an app where you can find the best photo spots around the world. So, for example, if you are planning to go to Thailand, for vacations, you may want to check all the photo spots that are shared in Thailand in NoFilter, while you are planning the trip. So, this is not going to help you to find hotels (yet), or cheap flights. NoFilter is focused on the "what do I want to see here?" question.
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    Google Docs for planning your trips with friends.

    Ramiro Berrelleza
    Ramiro BerrellezaFounder @ · Written
    I've been using it recently for planing day trips in the Bay Area. Love that it has instant search of places, and that it's very easy to share the itinerary with people not using the app.
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    Sygic Maps

    The world's first online maps designed for travelers

    Scott Williams
    Scott WilliamsPresident, Emisare, Inc. · Written
    I found Sygic on Product Hunt in 2017 and have been a power user ever since. Sygic makes travel planning easy and lets you build detailed itineraries complete w/ mapping, reviews, and more. There's a free version that's useful but Premium gets you a whole lot more (e.g. downloadable maps). There are three ways to purchase premium: Monthly ($3.99), yearly or lifetime ($17.95 or $19.95.). Additionally, if you have a family or travel w/ friends, business associates, etc. - you'll love the collaborative planning functionality.
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    George Hanson made this product
    I start collecting equipment in half a year (if you prefer active sports, this is important). I read the collections, like this and monitor the price change. As a rule, it is possible to save up to 30% of the cost.
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    Launchaco 2.0 🦄

    Simple landing pages for your startup

    Đinh Trọng Tú made this product
    You can invite your friends to join the trip, you can manage your spending and you can invite your friends to join the trip. Install and enjoy what Trippy brings.
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    Pick Your Trail

    International itineraries crafted for the traveler in you

    Senthil Ramasamy
    Senthil RamasamyBuilding SaaS Products @ Cyces Labs · Written
    Their new revamped interface is excellent. Timely suggestions, feedback integrated from previous travelers, customization itinerary which comes with live costing. Best tool if you are sitting in India and planning a travel abroad! Check it out!
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    Map based calendar for travel, mobile work and busy lives

    Luke Arnold made this product
    I saw this thread a while back and wanted to answer, but we hadn't launched yet! 😄 Planspace is a map based calendar which maps out your travel plans, lets you share plans and organise with friends and then easily navigate around. We'd love to hear what you think! 😄