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What are some of the best tools to help plan a vacation itinerary?

Your destination is set, your flight is booked - now what? Looking for some smart tools/resources to help plan what to do, where to eat and where to stay. Google searching, scouring traditional travel sites, and reading reviews on Trip Advisor, etc. are tedious and unhelpful (IMO). Are there any truly great resources that utilize algorithms, VR/AR, custom recommendations, etc? Google Trips is a start, but there's so much room to grow. Is anyone truly disrupting the s**t out of travel prep?
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    Tastemaker-driven concierge to plan your perfect trip

    Ryan Hoover
    Ryan Hoover83Founder, Product Hunt · Written
    Journy is awesome. Me and my girlfriend used it in Lisbon last year. They pair you with a real life human (crazy, huh?) that plans your trip, hour-by-hour. They'll select the restaurants, sites, and other activities based on your requests. As someone that hates to plan trips, it's super useful and only $15/day.
  2. Kris Knowles
    Kris KnowlesManager, Customer Care at Front Desk · Written
    If you have a Gmail account, Google Trips is a great way to aggregate your confirmations from your Gmail account and create itineraries. It also provides travel guide information, such as things to know, places to see, and is integrated with places you have ⭐️ saved in Google Maps.
    AustinFounder, Layman Lab · Written
    Thanks for the suggestion, Kris. I really like Google Trips too. I'm using it as the base of our itinerary. I think Trips will evolve into something amazing, but the lack of a synched desktop version frustrated me a bit. Also, their "Day Plans" is promising, but you cannot easily add a stop along the way unless it's an existing POI (or unless you star it in Maps first, then jump back into Trips). Unless I'm wrong :)
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    Hopper 3.0

    Personalized money-saving tips for your travel preferences

    Sarah A. Downey
    Sarah A. DowneyPrincipal, Accomplice · Written
    Hopper is amazing--you can look up flights and immediately see how expensive they are to book over the next 6 months. It gives you quick visual feedback on when to buy, and you can get push notifications when flights you're watching are about to get more expensive.
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    Compares millions of flights to find you the cheapest deal

    Marcus Vlahovic
    Marcus VlahovicCo-founder & CEO, Sustainabody · Written
    Cheap, cheap, cheap - (really) the cheapest flights. This + my next suggestion = travel godmode.
    • Alex Ko
      Alex KoYour project manager at

      One of the best software I've ever used for travel planning, simple navigation and menu, device friendly, fast enough

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    How to get anywhere by plane, train, bus, ferry & car

    Marcus Vlahovic
    Marcus VlahovicCo-founder & CEO, Sustainabody · Written
    In combination with SkyScanner (or without) Rome2Rio is crazy good for planning out your vaca travel on the cheap. Example - to get to TNW 2017 you could use SkyScanner to fly to Slovenia for half the price of Amsterdam (from the US) and then use rome2rio for trains + buses, all mapped out for you, on the cheap.