Guillaume Flandre
Guillaume Flandre🛠 Software engineer ➕ 📸 Photographer

What is a good flash card app?

I'd like a flash-card like app to be able to remember stuff on a daily basis (but probably *not* foreign languages) Ideally: - there's an iPhone app - there's a desktop app - both are synced - ability to easily add images/screenshots Let me know if you know something that fits these specs!
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    Quizlet Learn

    Machine learning-powered adaptive studying

    Ivan Mir
    Ivan Mirindie app developer · Written
    The most flexible flashcard and quiz service I've used. It's very easy to import your data there.
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    Friendly, intelligent flash cards. Remember stuff.

    Kesava Mandiga
    Kesava MandigaWriter. Learner. Marketer. · Written
    Anki is a comprehensive flash cards solution that works on PC, Mac, iOS, Android and has a web app too. It supports text, images, audio and video, so all your needs are covered. Give it a try.
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    Tiny Cards by Duolingo - Web

    Learn languages with this flash card app, now on the web

    Steve Farrugia
    Steve FarrugiaProduct Manager, Ongosa · Written
    I've not used it myself, but I've heard great things. It's on iOS and Web.
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    Learn Anything

    Lots of existing courses to choose from, quick easy to use interface.
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    A simple platform for building beautiful media content

    David Gradford
    David GradfordFounder of, · Written
    David Gradford made this product
    Creat beautiful animated card by online tool from Website or mobile( Android, IOS) sync with your Libable Account
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    Oh Flip
    Oh flip is a great new app that I am using every day to get through my exam revision!