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Best tool or service to get alerts about new app updates going live in the App Store?

I'm looking for the best tool, service, or method to get alerted when specific apps have new updates pushed to the App Store AND... Alerts when a specific developer e.g Facebook, makes a new app available in some countries/all countries in the App Store Example: Facebook pushes out a new app update for Instagram to the App Store globally, i would get an email alert notifying me "Instagram for iOS v.231 is now live in the App Store" OR Facebook creates a brand new app and makes it available to download only in the App Stores in France and Italy, i would get an alert saying "App Developer: Facebook. New App now available in following App Stores: France, Italy. App Name: InstaSmash v.1 I guess it requires a service/tool which is connected to the App Store frequently scanning specific pages to detect a change or new item which triggers it to send alert? Maybe there is another solution that works differently but provides a similar outcome = Giving you quicker awareness of new app or app updates in App Store for specific developers or apps?
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