What are your favorite iOS apps for design and web development?

What apps (text editors, sketch apps, etc) do you use to aid your work in design and/or web development? 🤔
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    A hackable text editor for the 21st Century

    Julien Deveaux
    Julien DeveauxDigital Product Designer & Entrepreneur · Written
    Atom is a very powerful text editor created by Github. There is a large variety of plugins available for it.
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    Prototyping and collaboration for design teams

    Omer Molad
    Omer MoladCo-founder and CEO @ Vervoe · Written
    Very easy to view and comment on mockups on the mobile
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    Optimal Living Daily - Live Like Stan by Joshua Fields Millburn

    The Minimalists' Joshua narrates his post on losing a friend

    Kesava Mandiga
    Kesava MandigaWriter. Learner. Marketer. · Written
    For design inspiration, nothing beats Dribbble. For Dribbble access on an iPhone or iPad, nothing beats Ballin! Beautifully designed to showcase amazing designs by people all over the world, it can keep you hooked for hours!
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    Framer for Web

    The best prototyping tool for teams, available for free

    Paweł Waraksa
    Paweł WaraksaProduct Designer · Written
    Framer for iOS, because Framer is the best tool for prototyping/animations.
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    Figma 1.0

    The first interface design tool with real-time collaboration

    Mucahit Gayiran
    Mucahit GayiranCEO & Co-Founder @ Artboard Studio · Written
    I love it. You can create ui designs. Everything on browser and automatically saving to cloud. Simple and powerful as Sketch and free :D