Thibaut Lacave
Thibaut LacaveFounder, Les Pépites Tech

What's the best VPN service for 2017?

Hunters! What is your VPN of choice? I need one that doesnt keep logs (i want to be anonymous duh) and speed of course. Thanks
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    Cloak 3.0

    A VPN for iOS. Browse safely on public WiFi.

    I love cloak. I use it on Mac and iOS. You can set it up to protect you from connecting to unprotected or untrusted networks without first connecting via VPN. I use it when traveling / coffee shops / on hotel internet. Very simple & easy to use + they recently added even more locations. So it's quick if you travel all over.
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    Secure your data and hide your IP address behind a bear.

    Vahagn Mkrtchian
    Vahagn MkrtchianNeurotic Perfectionist · Written
    I have been using it for more than two years. They don't track your activity, have multiple pricing plans. Support team is awesome!
    • A great VPN that takes it's security seriously but the monthly pricing is overly expensive with no justification other than to make the yearly plan look better.

    • Ben Munson
      Ben MunsonDesign Director at Stop, Breath & Think

      VPNs are not as secure as we think. Be careful using passwords and other identifiable information through companies that may not have the same security interests as you do.

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    Fastest and simplest VPN for all devices

    Definitely one of the simpler and most reliable VPN services.
    +1/Like from me.
  4. I have similar requirements to you. Before deciding on this I did my research and compared a few alternatives. This is incredibly consumer friendly and very easy to use. Would recommend! Obviously ;)