How do you maximize exposure to your writing/blog?

I publish my content to Medium, have an Upscribe newsletter signup, use Refind for Writers, and share via Twitter. How do you reach more people with your writing? How can you find audiences who may find your writing useful, but don't know about you? Any anecdotes/tips/stats are welcome!
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    Ali Hanif
    Ali HanifFounder @ HANALI · Edited
    My honest advice is to thinking like a publisher - they worry about distribution, packaging and target audiences more than just the content itself. Medium is great and ReFind too, but for me my customers are on LinkedIn so I publish religiously there. The same article on Medium can have curse words, GIFs and more humor. LinkedIn is a little more corporate and polished but the reach and ability to identify people who you aren't connected to who are liking, sharing and commenting is key to building your audience - I personally invite, contact, thank people who engage with my content on LinkedIn and its' helped grow me reach 10x (minimum). Try doing a little PR with your content and shopping your content to key industry blogs, media outlets where you think your audience is reading. I managed to get into the HuffPo with a simple email pitch to Arianna and one of the editors through a referral. Referrals to media outlets and top blogs through existing contributors is a great way to get your content in front of the right people. Contributors are currently writing for Inc. HBR, Strategy as examples for business publications. Try building relationships with them on the outlets you want to access and getting a referral. Hope this helps.
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    PR opportunities sent 3x per day.

    Caitlin Bolnick
    Caitlin BolnickStartup gal turned software VC · Written
    It depends on how much SEO/work you want to, but HARO is a good way to submit for pieces that reporters or writers need help with and have yourself featured. We've had some good success through it.
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    Hemanth G
    Hemanth GCo Founder, CTO @ Lobb · Written
    Quuu Promote will promote your content without appearing as an ad or sponsored post. It's shared by real people across real accounts