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What's the best Pomodoro timer?

I want to try this time management technique to see if it will make me more productive.
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    Pomodoro Time

    Simple Pomodoro timer in your Mac's menu bar

    Kate53Head of Social @ GitHub · Written
    To be totally honest, I don't think there's a TON of difference between Pomodoro timers (they're all timers all operating off of the same theory) but this one is my favorite of all that I've come across because it lives in my Mac menu bar and is so simple and pretty. Checks all my boxes— efficient, effective, convenient and designed well!
    • André
      AndréUX/UI Enthusiast | in ❤️ w/ innovation

      I love the idea that you can choose the task you wanna work on and when it's done, you know the time you spent on it.

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    The simplest Mac app for using the Pomodoro Technique

    I've used this for years. Is dead simple. Has a super simple UX. One nice bonus feature is that it will add each of your pomo's to your calendar. So if you want to track how many you did in a day, you can look back in see. I generally just turn it on when I'm having trouble getting into "the zone"
  3. I really like the UI, it is super simple, without much hassle.
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    Recover the lost art of joyful concentration

    Jason Crawford
    Jason CrawfordChopping wood, carrying water · Written
    I don't always do Pomodoro, but when I do, I use Vitamin-R. It's pretty flexible, lets you set variable focus times and breaks, and lets you set a goal/focus for each one.
  5. Simple and great!
    Steve Messer
    Steve MesserProduct Manager, @gdsteam · Written
    I've been using this on Windows for a couple of years. Really simple and works well.
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    Pomodoro meets GTD to-do app

    Another nice one.
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    Productivity Timer

    Pomodoro style timer to help you stay productive

    Nate Sanden
    Nate SandenEntrepeneur, 1s0s.com · Written
    Nate Sanden made this product
    This one is a Pomodoro timer with a twist. Set your own Pomodoro intervals and custom alarms.