What's the best Pomodoro timer?

I want to try this time management technique to see if it will make me more productive.
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    Pomodoro Time

    Simple Pomodoro timer in your Mac's menu bar

    KateMarketer; prev Product Hunt, GitHub · Written
    To be totally honest, I don't think there's a TON of difference between Pomodoro timers (they're all timers all operating off of the same theory) but this one is my favorite of all that I've come across because it lives in my Mac menu bar and is so simple and pretty. Checks all my boxes— efficient, effective, convenient and designed well!
    I love it!
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    The simplest Mac app for using the Pomodoro Technique

    Mike CoutermarshEngineer @ PlanetScale · Written
    I've used this for years. Is dead simple. Has a super simple UX. One nice bonus feature is that it will add each of your pomo's to your calendar. So if you want to track how many you did in a day, you can look back in see. I generally just turn it on when I'm having trouble getting into "the zone"
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    Recover the lost art of joyful concentration

    Jason CrawfordAuthor, The Roots of Progress · Written
    I don't always do Pomodoro, but when I do, I use Vitamin-R. It's pretty flexible, lets you set variable focus times and breaks, and lets you set a goal/focus for each one.
  4. I really like the UI, it is super simple, without much hassle.
    Liza DixonUsability Engineer❤️Autonomous Mobility · Written
    I love Tomato One. I really like that when working in full screen, the timer will pop up and slide the workspace away to make you stop working. Not great for all types of work, but I find it really good for me!
  5. Max Yakin BozekArtist & Designer · Written
    Simple and great!
    Steve MesserProduct, @ClaimerApp · Written
    I've been using this on Windows for a couple of years. Really simple and works well.
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    Pomodoro meets GTD to-do app

    Max Yakin BozekArtist & Designer · Written
    Another nice one.
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    Turn your Trello cards into Pomodoro tasks

    Hugh GuineyDeveloper, Feed.fm | Founder, RedBlue · Written
    Your cards from Trello show up in a menu. The time spent on each is stored as text to the card. You can log distractions as well. And you can move cards to Done from within the app.
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    Pomo Timer

    A menu bar app to boost productivity

    Max GribovProgrammer & Designer · Written
    Max Gribov made this product
    I couldn't find a timer that was totally right for me, so I wrote mine for Mac. It is very simple, there are no tasks, but is in my opinion doing its job.
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    Productivity Timer

    Pomodoro style timer to help you stay productive

    Nate SandenEntrepeneur, 1s0s.com · Written
    Nate Sanden made this product
    This one is a Pomodoro timer with a twist. Set your own Pomodoro intervals and custom alarms.
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    A new UI for pomodoro timers

    timqianBuilding feeds.pub · Written
    timqian made this product
    I build this tool recently. It is a chrome extension contains a todo list and a Pomodoro timer. It displays tomatoes you have done around a clock which gives you an intuitive view of how is things going. The UI is simple and intuitive. Check it out ;)
  11. It's nice to have a physical device that doesn't rely on charge to work
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    PomoDoneApp for Mac, Windows, Linux & Android

    Pomodoro timer for your productivity tool

    I love this because it allows for syncing with apps like Trello, Tasks, and Toogl, so I can use the pomodoro technique to focus on tasks while tracking time.
  13. This is one I did some time ago. I did it because most of the apps I found at that time were ugly/complex for such simple thing. I hope you like!
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    Marinara Timer

    Pomodoro Technique In Your Browser

    Kate GriggsSenior PM @Pivotal in San Francisco · Written
    Easy to use and lots of customizable options!
  15. Eduardo RamosUser Experience and Software Testing · Written
    I like Toggle because not only provides a Pomodoro timer, it also has a time tracker for projects and a nice dashboard where you can see how you use your time. The browser extension is very simple to use and you can configure it to be a Pomodoro timer or a regular customizable tracker.
  16. Jay WeilerData Scientist · Written
    Focus syncs across all your devices, lets you define your tasks (even send tasks from Omnifocus) and has analytics.
  17. Cao Văn Thanh made this product
    Pomodoro Smart Timer version 2.5 was released! What is new? -Added more 6 language: Czech, Hindi, Indonesia, Russian, Turkist, Italian. Make switch language easier. -Added up to 20+ color themes with Color of years voted by worldwide designers from 2000 to 2020. -Added options to reset statistics. -Make session tag's name customizable. -Added True Black theme for AMOLED (beta). -Added 3 timer watch styles (more in the future). -Optimized 60 fps rendering with smooth and battery friendly! -Fixed memory leaks.
  18. Marina TimchenkoMarketing Manager, Devart · Written
    Create projects, set rates and budgets. Keep tracking of hours spent on tasks and see the project progress at a glance, collaborate easily, keep deadlines and prevent over budgeting
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    Focus To-Do

    Be focused and make things easier.

    For me, it is a super simple and effective way to manage my time and nurture the Pomodoro technique. I like how detailed this app is, totally recommend to try:) I can also recommend you to see a list of Pomodoro apps here - https://productive.fish/blog/pom... This is where I found Focus To-Do, but you can check out others and compare to your needs I guess.