Alternative products to Intercom on Marketing

22 alternative and related products to Intercom on Marketing

Intercom on Marketing
The marketing book for startups

Intercom on Marketing is packed with ideas, suggestions and lessons from across the entire spectrum of marketing, from messaging to monetization, that we learned over the last 6 years, as we grew from 0 to over 20,000 customers.

22 Alternatives to Intercom on Marketing

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Austin Ash
Briefly but effectively sums up main challenges faced, and provides proven strategies for overcoming them
Tejas Kinger
Intercom is pretty much my personal reference model when it comes to the subject of scaling a startup. This book summarizes the journey pretty well.
6 Alternatives to Intercom on Starting Up

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Peter van Teeseling
Simple to implement yet powerful in use.
I'm a huge Intercom fan. We've been using it at Product Hunt for over a year and now I can't imagine life without it. You can use it for all sorts of marketing purposes (email campaigns, "chat blasts", data analysis, etc) but also for customer service. I think it'd suit your purposes perfectly!
Utsav Patel
Big fan of Intercom. I've been an active customer of intercom for almost 2 years and never thought to change the tool. It is very user friendly yet rich with the features you need. User experience is also well-taken care. Strong on reporting and insights. The only con is their pricing, it is on higher side a bit. If that's in your bucket than go for it you w… See more
77 Alternatives to Intercom

Drawing from some of the best posts on our blog, Intercom on Product Management offers guidance on the tough decisions you need to make as a product manager.

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A short guide that will help you on taking right decesion about the product.
Vinit Agrawal
Check this one specifically. It is a compilation of Intercom's Blog entries relevant to Product Management. So much real world knowledge, specially for a SaaS business.
34 Alternatives to Intercom on Product Management
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