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What do people think of Whimsical?

The community submitted 195 reviews to tell us what they like about Whimsical, what Whimsical can do better, and more.
What do you think about Whimsical?
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Brandon Catcho
Musician, San Franciscan & CTO at twine
3 reviews
Review of Whimsical Docs
I always have whimsical open. It's my number 1 whiteboard & documentation app outside of notion. In fact, I use it so much that I ended up turning it into a "desktop app" using chrome (Click 3 dots menu > more tools > create a shortcut > Check the "open as window" box > now it can open as a separate chrome instance dedicated to whimsical).
Alvaro Villalba Perez

Founder & Leadership at Clous

53 reviews
We're truly fans of workflows and dealflows. Have been using Mural and waiting for some AI tool to increase productivity. This looks to be it. Congrats to the team! PS: love that you have templates.
Of all the other solutions i have used for Flow Charts, Process Maps, Swim-lanes etc this is probably one of the best with the other one being Visio. Would start using this for other features as well
sri misra
sri misra
founder >> aarnâ.finance
7 reviews
Flowcharts really speeds up the productivity, and this particular use case of AI is really cool. AI is surely gonna change how things have been working. Even we are integrating AI in our DeFi based product!
David Maker
Maker for developers
32 reviews
Wow. this is amazing. This will make my brainstorming section so much easier. You should submit this to AI directories: https://shorturl.at/BN035 I am sure you will gain a lot of exposure.
Ričards Križanovskis
1 review
I just gave it a shot and it's really cool! I was trying to come up with a lead nurturing strategy, and it gave me a decent backbone to work with. Found it interesting that for the same prompt, I had quite different results when choosing flowchart vs mindmap.
Linh Nguyen
1 review
Super awsome app
Thinh bui duc
UI Designer
1 review
Svitlana Palamarchuk
Head of Product at Charge
16 reviews
Great tool, addresses the pain of creating flow charts manually
Sav Pushparajah
Co-founder @ Tango | Dev Agency Owner
6 reviews
Back in the day I used to work at PwC and this would have saved so much time. We used to note everything down from client interviews and then draw up a flow chart. I just tried the same thing us using the generate AI button and it mapped out the whole flow chart in a couple of seconds. Crazy