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What is HelpCrunch?
HelpCrunch is a customer communication platform combining live chat, email marketing automation and a help desk in one solution. The solution helps support, sales and marketing teams to acquire, convert leads and support their customers.

Recent launches

HelpCrunch Widget 3.0
Provide ultimate support to customers via HelpCrunch widget 3.0:
💬 Talk to customers via real-time chat
📗 Let them search your knowledge base
🙌 Or give them a choice to find answers the way they prefer without ever leaving your widget
HelpCrunch Widget 3.0 image
HelpCrunch Knowledge Base
With Knowledge base 📖 in HelpCrunch you can:
📚 Create beautiful SEO-optimized help articles in minutes
💬 Send articles to customers and assist them further via chat
🌟 Provide 5-star customer self-service and minimize your support volume.
HelpCrunch Knowledge Base image
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