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May 2nd, 2018

Best landing page. Ever.
Building machine learning models is difficult. You'll have to learn Python or R, then understand the various open-source platforms like Google's Tensorflow, format your data correctly, and hope your model works.

"A holy shit moment in tech from our company Lobe. Full AI capabilities that you can put in your app but without having to write any of your own AI code! Watch the demo. It's bananas." – Chris Sacca

Lobe just launched to make building machine learning models easy:
1. Label your training set with your desired results.
2. Watch as the algorithm builds itself.
3. Ship it. Export your model into Google's TensorFlow, Apple's CoreML, or directly into your app on iOS or Android.

Teams are already building incredible projects:
😳 A tool that distinguishes between skin cancer and moles
🌱 An app that identifies California plants by photo
🏘️ A model that identifies architecture types from 3D models

Lobe’s landing page might be the best product landing page we’ve seen since Muzzle.
Check Out Lobe

Stack Overflow just launched a new tool for teams. CEO Joel Spolsky will be answering your questions all day, so ask him anything. 💬

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