Silence embarrassing notifications while screensharing

#1 Product of the MonthJuly 2017

Muzzle is a simple Mac app to silence embarrassing notifications while screensharing (with the best landing page of all time).

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Best landing page hahahahaha
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@tomjohnhill Ha ha ha ha.. Best so far.
@brianburkett such a great product Brian, I didn't even noticed that I would ever need this haha
@tomjohnhill who wrote those jokes?? he/she is a comedy genius!
Wow, that landing page 😳 PLOT TWIST: Muzzle is saving all your embarrassing notifications for future blackmail.
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@rrhoover DOUBLE UP PLOT TWIST: It does so for up votes on PH 🙈
@rrhoover I hope this starts a landing page humor arms race!
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@rrhoover that's the real biz model behind it
@rrhoover @liquidchickenqq That's what dreams are made of Kerry, we can only hope.
@rrhoover I wish I found Product Hunt years earlier. I finally feel like I'm home ❤
On Mac you can simply hold option and click on the tray icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen and it'll pause all notifications.
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@jordankrueger Came here to say exactly the same thing :) Great landing page though!
@jordankrueger unless you forget because you're already 2 minutes late and freaking the f out.
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In May we wrote about an app called Peek, calling it "the best landing page ever," but clearly we spoke too soon.
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@nivo0o0 this one took it a nasty step further lol
Back in the days, a colleague was presenting his UI on a projector to the entire team, when a Skype notification popped up saying: "Hey! How's the job search going?"
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@amirkhella hahahah! busted.