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Facebook is taking on Tinder 🔥
Facebook's announcements didn't fail to excite. Amid a massive data leak and WhatsApp founder Jan Koum's exit two nights ago, Zuckerberg managed to fire up a crowd by pulling an Oprah.

Every F8 participant received a free Oculus Go, Facebook's long-awaited $199 standalone virtual reality headset:

😮 1,000+ experiences available today for your fun
🔈 Built-in speakers for your Netflix binging
🚫 No powerful computer required

If you couldn't make it to San Jose yesterday, they're shipping right now.

Mark began with an overview of their data security efforts and the launch of Facebook's new Clear History tool, which lets you delete any browsing history that the company has collected over the years.

Afterward, he excitedly announced Facebook Dating, a soon-to-arrive dating app inside Facebook that's reminiscent of Hinge, Tinder, and Bumble and could capture intimite data about your romantic life.

Other dating apps are ready for the fight.

"Come on in. The water’s warm. Their product could be great for US/Russia relationships.” – CEO of IAC, a major Tinder stakeholder

“We were thrilled when we saw today’s news” – Bumble spokesperson

“Bring it.” – Chief Product Officer, Tinder

Facebook's dating app isn't ready yet. If you can't wait to meet your next beau, we have just the link for you.
Best Dating Apps 😽

Beloved Venmo-competitor Square Cash just released a cash-back program: get $1 back every time you use their card at a coffee shop.

It's like finding a dollar in your pocket every time you drink coffee. 😋

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